Just when you think it can’t get any lower, we get proven wrong…again. On Wednesday, CA Governor Gavin Newsom said that he is directing the Dept. of Public Health and the CHP to develop new protocols for public safety in the aftermath of a Christian concert led by Sean Feucht at the state’s capitol. The event drew thousands of participants, most of whom stayed unmasked.

The governor’s supposed “concern” is that attendees to such events may get sick. The spread of the DTMNBN (the Disease That Must Not Be Named) to others who weren’t present is a worry of his. He said that to mix at large events like the concert is “simply irresponsible.”

The governor said:

“Where people are not following the rules, that request a permit but don’t abide by the commitments they make and put other people’s lives at risk and increase the likelihood that not only we see a spread of the virus, but a delay in getting people back to school and a delay, if I may, in getting people back to work. There is simply nothing more important in this state and in this nation, if we care about getting our kids back in school and we care about getting the economy moving again than addressing the spread of this virus.”

He also said that any new rules will have to “be based on constitutional rights, constitutional protections, at the same time public health and public safety.” He said they would apply to all events, not just those that are “religious” in nature.

The concert was held on the west steps of the Capitol Sunday evening. The CHP permitted the event for up to 1,000 people, but the crowd size grew to well beyond that. A CHP spokeswoman reported there were up to 3,000 as the event began, but by the end, Sean reported there were perhaps as many as 12,000 worshipers.

Also from the CHP report:

“Prior to the event start, the Capitol permit officer indicated those who were showing up at the Capitol were socially distancing. Additionally, the permit officer was walking around the crowd verbally reminding people. As the event began, the permit officer indicated the participants moved towards the stage as additional people began to arrive for the event.”

The CHP decided to allow the concert to continue to its conclusion, “given the large number of people present for this event and the fact that it was a relatively short event.” They also had to consider the resources it would take to disperse a large crowd.

The agency also stated that:

“The CHP will continue to review its policies associated with permitted events on state property in accordance with California Department of Public Health guidelines.”

I  think the trend Governor Newsom is following leads us further down the path to socialism. The mantras being chanted: “safety” and “peaceful protests,” are words misused and twisted beyond recognition. It’s more political correctness run amok. Real peaceful protests don’t result in billions of dollars worth of property damage, for example.

Should we not ask some hard questions.? One, who or what is the real target of these restrictions? It sure isn’t Antifa or BLM. They get to stage their events anywhere at any time, with no masks necessary. There is no concern about them spreading the disease, now is there?

What seems more evident is that the biggest bullseye is painted on the back of the church. That, along with the continuous undermining of the Judeo-Christian family unit and Biblically-based morality. Perversions of every kind are touted as “normal” with the Left’s point of view. Being “woke” is so far from really being awake that it makes one’s head spin.

In the long run, I believe the tactics being used by the Left are going to backfire on them viciously. One reason is that those who insist on enforcement are also the ones ignoring the rules themselves. Nancy Pelosi’s Hairgate incident is probably the most recent in-our-faces example. Of course, she has the full support of San Francisco’s mayor, who gave Pelosi a “pass.”

I believe the Church is waking up to the shaking the nation is getting. In my opinion, we are fast approaching the end of this era, and God is turning up the heat. There is no more time for being lukewarm. Those who will stand up and speak up in Jesus’ name will come through the fire unscathed. Those who scoff and reject Him will find themselves faced with real trouble. God does not take kindly to those who would oppress and torment his kids.






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