Ilhan Omar Wants BDS for Israel, but Opposes Sanctions on Iran – Hypocrisy Much?

Representative Ilhan Omar put her hypocrisy on full display once again with her criticisms of President Trump’s decisions to put more economic “heat” on Iran after successfully deploying the attack that took out the world’s number one terrorist, General Solemeini.

She said President Trump’s “unmeasured response” in waging “economic warfare” against Iran via the new sanctions imposed was just too far over the top. At the same time, out of the other side of her mouth, she supports wholehearted sanctions against the nation of Israel.

After Trump’s announcement that “powerful” sanctions would be implemented until “Iran changes its behavior,” she said, “This makes no sense. Sanctions are economic warfare,” and continued: “They have already caused medical shortages and countless deaths in Iran. You cannot claim to want deescalation and then announce new sanctions with no clear goal. This is not a measured response!”

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, Omar also said, “crippling” sanctions would “starve the innocent people of Iran.”

So, what’s the story? Are Israel’s citizens not as innocent as Iran’s? She has no problem with the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction) movement against Israelis. I guess that means such “warfare” is fair game if it’s Israel in the crosshairs.


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Twitter users responded:

“So sanctions are only good when they are against Jews? You support BDS. You’re talking out of both sides of your mouth and REALLY exposing your radical antisemitism.”




Another Twitter user said, “Ilhan Omar views sanctions on terror regimes to be ‘economic warfare’ but supports them when aimed at the world’s only Jewish state. Must just be a coincidence.”




Michael Abrams, a GOP communications director, wrote, “Ilhan Omar has now decried sanctions on the Castros in Cuba, Maduro in Venezuela, and the Ayatollah in Iran. At the same time, she’s the leading voice in Congress on sanctioning the Jewish people in the world’s only Jewish state. Wonder why.”

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It never ceases to amaze me when I look at Omar and her accomplices in the Democrat party who managed to wangle a seat in the House of Representatives. The thing I find most intriguing is how even the most radical of the current Democrat leadership seems to be unable to control her. You know it has to be bad when Nancy Pelosi can’t get her to follow the pack leaders.

We must stay on our guard, and when the election rolls around, we must ALL get out there and vote the Republicans back in charge of the House, keep the Senate, and extend President Trump’s tenure for at LEAST the next four years beyond this current term. WAKE UP, AMERICA!


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