Federal Student Debt for Disabled Wounded Warriors CANCELED by President Trump![Video]

Ever since Bernie Sanders threw his hat in the presidential ring in 2016, it seems like one of the biggest planks of the left, in general, is to see how many supposed freebies they can invent. We’re supposed to be getting all excited about free health care, guaranteed income, and free college tuition, but anybody with half their brain tied behind their backs could figure out there certainly isn’t a budget big enough to cover all of those projects. Add to that the open borders and unlimited immigration, with all of the wonderful welfare and assistance programs for housing, and it soon becomes obvious that there isn’t a scrap of sense in any one of their lofty promises and programs when it comes to budgetary reality. Democrats are still capitalizing on disrespect and antagonism that seemed to be magnified and encouraged during the previous administration against first responders and military personnel, whether active, retired, or disabled.

Unlike the Democrats, President Trump, on the other hand, repeatedly states how much he loves our service occupations, praises our first responders, visits our troops, shakes hands and takes selfies with them, and even personally shakes the hands of every single one of the officer graduates from the military academies.

Trump has a big soft spot for the disabled wounded warriors, and rightfully so, considering the sacrifices they made as they stood in harm’s way on the nation’s behalf. He recently announced a special program for them with regard to federal student loans. I should mention here that these aren’t the snowflakes to whom Bernie Sanders wants to pander, these are brave warriors who sacrificed themselves in the field of military service, and who deserve extra special consideration.


This from Breitbart News:

President Donald Trump signed a memorandum effectively canceling federal student debt loans for America’s wounded warriors on Wednesday.

“Veterans who have made such enormous sacrifices for our country should not be asked to pay any more, rather it is America who owes our heroes a supreme debt of gratitude,” he said.

The president spoke to the AMVETS Convention in Kentucky on Wednesday, announcing his decision and signing the document.

Trump said the memorandum would effectively cancel the federal student debts of thousands of wounded American veterans.

According to the White House, the memorandum orders Secretaries of Education and Veterans Affairs to expedite totally and permanently that disabled veterans have their Federal student loan debt discharged with minimal burdens.


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