EXPOSED: Former Bloomberg Staffers Call Him ‘Cheating Scum’ For Breaking His Promises To Them

One thing seems apparent….The more time that passes, the more obvious it becomes that Democrats with a lust for more power, particularly those who had (or have) their hats in the ring to sit in the Bully Pulpit, have one thing, and one thing only on their minds: do whatever it takes to get to what you want, and have no concern at all for the forgotten masses of “little guys” that you’ve conned with empty promises.

From Twitter:

From The Daily Wire:

Ex-campaign staffers are blasting Michael Bloomberg for reversing his position that his campaign would offer competitive salaries and benefits until the November election, regardless of whether the former mayor became the Democratic presidential nominee. 

The New York Times reports that the campaign has since decided to shut down operations, send $18 million to the Democratic National Committee, and instruct the more than 1,500 recently fired employees to apply to the DNC for new jobs. 

The now-defunct Bloomberg campaign has also instructed ex-staffers they will be “fed into a competitive hiring process,” and are not guaranteed a job, reports the news agency.

“I’m so sorry I worked for this guy. I thought he was totally different,” said former field organizer Jane Conrad, who the news agency reports was recruited to the campaign. “He took me out of my job for his own gain.”

About a dozen other ex-staffers told the Times that they were drawn to the Bloomberg campaign because of the job security and benefits, and were scared to speak out publicly because they were temporarily still on his payroll.

Politico reports on another ex-staffer, who also requested anonymity and blasted Bloomberg for firing them during a national emergency: “He has left us with no health insurance during this pandemic. I have a family and do not know what we will do at the end of the month.”

Amol Jethwani, another former staffer, remarked on Twitter that while he was “disappointed” Bloomberg “had just fired his whole campaign staff,” he was “not surprised that a billionaire is cheating scum,” reports the news agency. 

Politico also reported that field organizers were assured they could expect $6,000 per month, not counting numerous benefits once they were hired, as well as a guarantee that they would be employed up until election day in November.

So here we are, with a guy who is reportedly worth about sixty BILLION dollars who blew nearly a full billion of that during his dud of a campaign run exposed as a man whose promises are nothing more than typical liberal hot air.

I can’t help but imagine how amazing it would be if he had an attitude more like that of President Trump during this pandemic crisis that’s going on right now. Trump still doesn’t take his government paycheck and has had his wealth diminished significantly by taking on the responsibilities of his office.

Just for fun, let’s run some numbers.

Due to the current pandemic, there are proposals on the table for anyone with a social security number to get $1,200 each within a few weeks. If you were to take half of Bloomberg’s $60B (thirty BILLION dollars) and divide it by $1,200, that would cover TWENTY-FIVE MILLION people’s checks. Not bad, huh?

Even if you round to an even billion the amount that Bloomberg blew on his campaign, the number is 833,333 $1,200 checks that could have been written. Maybe instead of doling the money out of his personal fortune, how about arranging for more people to be gainfully employed, with benefits, and make it possible for everyone to make a worthwhile contribution to the success of the nation as a whole?

Just musing here…does it seem to you, as it does to me, that we are going to see even more former (or ex-) Democrats? The longer we go and the closer we get to election day, the more we see people like these ex-staffers waking up to the fact that the reality of life is the Democrat party of today is NOT for the “common” man. By their standards, conservatives are “deplorables,” and to be shunned


  1. Can’t say I really care about these morons. They wanted this jerk to be president. They made their own bed, now they can sleep in it.


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