Elderly Man Shot Two Burglars In His Home. He’s Being Charged With a Felony Over the Unregistered Inherited Gun

The ink barely dried on the article Antifa Thugs Violently Attack Conservative Activist Kaitlin Bennett Near Trump Rally in Lexington – Cops Refuse to Make Arrests (VIDEO) when I came across the report that follows.

In Kaitlin Bennett’s situation, she was near the venue where President Trump appeared at the Lexington, Kentucky rally when an Antifa thug attacked her and ripped her microphone out of her hands. The kicker was that the police at the scene REFUSED to press charges, and essentially pulled the old Sergeant Schultz (of Hogan’s Heroes TV show) routine…“I see nothing; I know nothing!!” The police wouldn’t defend Kaitlin and told her that if she saw trouble brewing like what happened to her that she should run away rather than stand her ground. In short, they wanted her to abdicate her First and Second Amendment rights in the face of a domestic terrorist who was trying to silence her free speech by intimidating her with violence.

Conversely, Deerfield, New York resident, 64-year-old Ronald Stolarczyk, received similarly ridiculous treatment from the police. His home was invaded by two thugs who moved aggressively towards him, and, fearing for his life, Ronald killed the intruders. The police then proceeded to arrest him, not for shooting and killing the intruders, but for using a firearm that wasn’t properly registered. He’s charged with a felony for using a gun that was, for all intents and purposes, a family heirloom.

This from the Gateway Pundit:

“He was in the kitchen when he heard people in the garage coming up the stairs to the kitchen. When they got to the top of the stairs he told them to stop, but one started coming toward him. He fired three or four shots and struck both.” That’s how the scenario played out as 64-year-old Ronald Stolarczyk did what he had to do when two burglars had broken into his home. This being in New York, police quickly arrested Stolarczyk and charged him not for any form of homicide, but for illegal possession of a firearm, because the gun he used to defend himself and his home had been inherited from his father and not registered.

The Truth About Guns reports:

Scenes from life in Governor Cuomo’s SAFE Act paradise: an upstate homeowner has been charged with a felony after he defended himself from two home invaders with what prosecutors are calling an “illegal gun.”

“He told me that when they were coming up the stairs, that as they approached him, that he was scared to death and he thought they were going to kill him. One of the troopers said, ‘did you see anything in their hands?’ He said, ‘I didn’t look at their hands, I just saw them coming at me and I thought to myself, at that point, that it’s either them or me,’ and he just started firing,” (defense attorney Mark) Wolber said.

The homeowner, 64-year-old Ronald Stolarczyk, shot and killed Patricia Anne Talerico and her nephew, Nicholas Talerico. But Stolarczyk hasn’t been charged with a homicide. At least not yet. What has police concerned is the handgun Stolarczyk used.

…Stolarczyk is charged with felony gun possession because investigators believe he used his deceased father’s gun, which he never registered to himself, to kill the two suspected intruders.

So Stolarczyk’s father either gave or left the handgun in question to his son. Under New York’s famously restrictive gun control laws, the son wasn’t required to undergo a background check to receive the handgun from his father. But he did need to have a pistol permit to legally own the firearm and have it registered in his name.

The incident happened in Deerfield, New York, about 40 miles east of Syracuse, in Oneida county.

To make matters more infuriating, it turns out that the now-room-temp pair had previously robbed Stolarczyk. But Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara is shifting the blame for the robberies to Stolarczyk, calling him a hoarder and implying that he was just asking to be robbed.


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