David J. Harris VIDEO UPDATE, and CA’s Governor Newsom Recommends Seniors, Others, Take Precautions Against DTMNBM Virus

As the DTMNMB (the Disease That Must Not Be Mentioned, at least openly on certain social media platforms) pandemic progresses, a few of our political leaders, such as California’s Governor Gavin Newsom, are beginning to issue recommendations to their state’s residents in the higher-risk categories.

A few hours ago (as of this writing) Governor Newsom put out a call to California’s elderly population, specifically those 65 and older, and others that may be vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus, to begin practicing what he called “home isolation” to help minimize their chances of contracting the virus.

He also listed numerous places of business, specifically bars, breweries, night clubs, and wineries, as places that should close up shop until the risks subside.

Newsom shared his recommendations via Twitter:

The publication Politico reported that the governor’s guidance would not be “enforced,” but did note that there are approximately 5.3 million senior citizens currently residing in California. That number happens to include both my wife and me.

During a press conference on Sunday, March 15, Governor Newsom listed alcohol-focused businesses as a “non-essential function” in the state. Restaurants were advised to reduce their serving capacities by 50% to implement the CDC’s (Center For Disease Control) recommendations of a six-foot minimum separation distance between patrons.

Californian authorities reported, “As of March 14, 2020, 6 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, there are a total of 335 positive cases and six deaths in California (including one non-California resident). This total does not include passengers from the Grand Princess cruise ship currently docked in Oakland.”

Politico also reported that Newsom has not ordered a statewide closure of schools, but said “The vast majority of schools in California will be closed this week, including those in 24 of the state’s 25 largest districts. Newsom said 85 percent of students in public schools will not have class this week.”

The powers that be at Disneyland followed through and closed the amusement park on Saturday following discussions with the governor, and announced that they expect the amusement park to be reopened near the end of March.

If you’ve been following us here, I would recommend you take a look at David’s most recent videos on the subject of the coronavirus. I’m putting them here for your convenience:


And one more followup:

The bottom line is, we all need to keep our wits about us, exercise appropriate precautions, and do what we can to minimize the spread of this virus. I may not agree with a lot of the politics of what I see in California, but on this one issue I can come down on the governor’s side.


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