Coast Guard Makes INSANE Stop Of Drug Trafficking Submarine! [Video]

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In my lifetime, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced any stronger sense of patriotism than what President Trump inspires since he took his place as Commander In Chief. My personal opinion is that we haven’t had a leader as openly patriotic as he is since Ronald Reagan.

Since we hear a lot of news about all manner of infighting between liberals and conservatives in and around our nation’s capital as well as around the nation, I thought we should take a moment and give a shout out to some of our dedicated service members who have chosen to put the political wrangling out of their minds and focus their attention on protecting and serving our great country.

A recent video of United States Coast Guard members putting their lives on the line to protect America’s shores has achieved viral status in short order, even earning kudos from President Trump himself.

The video shows Coast Guard vessels stopping a drug-trafficking submarine in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Despite orders to the contrary, the submarine continues without slowing until a Coastie in full tactical gear jumps on board the moving sub and pounds on the hatch. Shortly afterward, one of the sub’s crew opens the hatch with his hands raised.

Check out the amazing video below:

President Trump tweeted, “Do you believe this kind of bravery? Amazing drug seizure. WATCH!”

BizPac Review reported some other details about the stop and posted more Twitter responses:

A total of six people were reportedly found inside the submarine along with 17000 pounds of cocaine. The street value for those drugs is estimated to be around 232 million dollars.

The seizure was part of a larger effort by the Coast Guard which ended up capturing 39000 pounds of cocaine and 933 pounds of marijuana being brought into America. The total estimate for the captured drugs is nearly 570 million dollars.

Vice President Mike Pence stopped by Naval Air Station North Island near San Diego on Thursday and congratulated Coast Guard members for their efforts in the recent seizures.

“I came here today on behalf of your commander in chief and the American people to say thank you for a job well done,” Pence said. “And welcome home.”

He also assured Coast Guard members that they have “a commander in chief who will always have your back.”

The vice president also told them to “get ready” because “more help is on the way.”

“We are committed to fully funding our Coast Guard and replacing old ships with new ones, just like the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Munro,” he said. “Get ready, more help is on the way.”

People have been taking to social media to applaud the Coast Guard.

“So, so proud of our military,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the new video.

Another responded, “Who knew the coast guard was so bad*ss? My eyes are opened. Nice work. Excellent at sea takeover.”

And another replied, “And the Democrats think we don’t need law enforcement for our borders…”

Another said, “Damn! Who jumps onto a sub in the middle of the ocean?!!! Wild! #USCG for the win!”


Bravo Zulu!!


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