Cincinnati Gunman Shoots At Cars: ‘I Don’t Like White People in My Hood’ [Video]

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It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the idea that something good can come out oF the recent spate of shootings that have taken place. Perhaps one thing good is that it has brought the country’s attention to a problem that has been somewhat sidelined for far too many years.
During the Obama years, there were MANY mass shootings, yet that administration essentially sat on its hands and did nothing constructive towards truly helping SOLVE the problem of deaths caused by shooters. All that seemed to happen was that after each one there was a renewed outcry for gun control, which is a fail all by itself since the only ones left with guns will be the criminals, should sweeping bans be enacted.
In recent days the Left has railed incessantly on two themes: Racism, and Gun Control. In the video below, the young man in question is described as a racist who decided to use his gun to shoot at people he saw in cars in his neighborhood because ‘I Don’t Like White People in My Hood’


This from Breitbart News:

A suspected gunman who was caught on video saying racist things about people while allegedly shooting at cars in a Cincinnati, Ohio, neighborhood is in custody.

Authorities identified Devonta Allen, 18, of Kennedy Heights as the suspect in a video of a July 25 incident where he was reportedly shooting at vehicles with a gun while yelling, “I don’t like white people in my hood,” WKRC reported.

The incident reportedly began over a stolen vehicle before shots were fired.

WXIX reported that Allen, who is black, faces four charges of felonious assault for firing three gunshots at four people—three who are white and one who is black.

The gunshots fired hit two vehicles, but no one was injured as a result of the shootings, authorities said.

Allen turned himself in four days after the alleged shootings but insisted in his remarks to authorities that the victims were armed and fired gunshots at him first.

But police say Allen’s statements are inconsistent with the statements they obtained from the victims and witnesses.

“This and other statements made by Allen are inconsistent with the videotape evidence and statements from the victims and witnesses,” the criminal complaint states.

Allen is currently in custody at the Hamilton County Jail, where he is being held on $480,000 bond.

The alleged race-based shooting took place days before two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Twenty-two people died and 24 more were wounded as a result of the Saturday morning El Paso shooting. Nine people died and at least 27 others were wounded in the Dayton, Ohio, shooting.


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