Candace Owens, Regarding Jimmy Kimmel: ‘He Single-handedly Ruined late-night TV’

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This is a welcome relief!  Candace Owens had a conversation recently with Judge Jeanine Pirro, and the central figure of the discussion was none other than not-so-funny Jimmy Kimmel and what he has done to lower the appeal of late-night TV. has the following report:

So-called late-night “comedy” seems like anything but comedy these days thanks to the constant attacks lodged at President Donald Trump, his supporters and the Republican Party as a whole by America’s notoriously anti-Trump late-night “comics.”

It’s as if “comics” these days would rather play the role of left-wing political commentator than that of an actual comic. And according to conservative firebrand Candace Owens, there’s one person in particular who’s to blame for this: Loudmouth liberal and late night “comic” Jimmy Kimmel.

Listen below as she explains her perspective on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine”:

“He single-handedly, he single-handedly ruined late-night TV,” she said to host Jeanine Pirro. “I really do believe Jimmy Kimmel does this. He somehow thinks he’s like a political spokesperson. He tries to be funny. It’s never funny. I think that has to be a fake audience. I don’t get it whatsoever.”

Owens issued the bold declaration while responding to a recent clip of Kimmel in which the left-wing “comedian” had said he wished a chimpanzee was president instead of Trump.

“I gotta say, I would rather we had a chimpanzee as president of the United States. At least with a chimp there would be somebody to eat the bugs out of Rudy Giuliani’s hair,” Kimmel said Tuesday.

Owens’ response was brutal: “I would rather we had a comedian for a late night talk show rather than Jimmy Kimmel who gets up there every single night, cries, brings up his child, uses his child as a prop to get other people to cry. So look, we don’t always get what we want, Jimmy.”

True. Last year Kimmel repeatedly used his now-1-year-old son, Billy, to deliver crocodile-tear-filled slams against the president and his proposals, including his failed plan to repeal Obamacare and his successful plan to cut taxes.

The article continues with more examples of the foolishness that has become standard fare for the late-night offerings. It seems all the late night hosts want on the bandwagon. I agree with the ladies’ opinion…it’s a nonstop barrage of hate-Trump crap, with predictions of gloom-and-doom and prophetic-sounding ignorant statements about how the world is just going to come to an END if we have to suffer through one more day of the Trump administration’s policies! Maybe we’ll get lucky and hear the sound of the Hollywood swamp letting air like a deflated Whoopi(e) cushion as their audiences hit the #WalkAway button on the TV set.

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