Candace Owens and David Harris Jr at BLEXIT in Atlanta / Democrats’ Worst Nightmare!

In today’s political slang, we hear various terms used that to some people sounds like bad grammar that needs correcting. One term that continues to spread is the word “woke.” If you’re like me, it used to mean what happened when I finished sleeping this morning. In the political arena, it’s still connected to waking up, but more along the lines of waking up to the realities of what various political policies have on your life.

Candace Owens, the founder of BLEXIT, has become an outspoken voice for the black community, being one of the most “woke” individuals on the planet. She is charismatic, articulate, and has a razor-sharp intellect that she uses to systematically carve holes in the failed promises the Democrat party has made to blacks. This coming Sunday (tomorrow, as this is being written) she will be spearheading a rally in Atlanta, GA, and will be doing what she does best: present the facts to fellow blacks and let them make up their own minds as to whether or not the Democrats have done them right for the past several decades.

A clip from an article in the New York Post sheds more light on why what she has to say is so important.

The dirty little secret about wokeness is its lack of diversity. It’s a movement entirely comprising of white, college-educated progressives.

Therein lies the problem for the Democratic Party as it lurches left. It has wedged itself between the demands of an aggressively woke left flank and the more socially conservative, more religious black community. Since the party needs 85 percent of the black vote to win power, that’s a problem with lethal political consequences.

Which is why Democrats are nervous about President Trump’s embryonic popularity with African Americans, after he won just 8 percent of the black vote in 2016.

You can see the seeds in rising poll numbers, with one Rasmussen poll last year placing the president’s approval rating among black Americans at 36 percent. It was quickly dismissed as an outlier, but other polls since have confirmed a smaller upward trajectory.

The NAACP’s own poll in August showed Trump’s approval rating at 21 percent.

At rallies, Trump waxes lyrical about all he’s done for the black community: a record low black unemployment rate, “opportunity zones” bringing investment to poor cities, criminal-justice reform and his tough stance on illegal immigration.

But the red-pill phenomenon in black America is most visible in the rise of charismatic cultural leaders such as the conservative firebrand Candace Owens.

This Sunday, at a rally in Atlanta, you will see the power of the movement Owens has founded, Blexit.

Blexit means the exit by black Americans from a Democratic Party that takes their vote for granted.

“It’s an exit from political orthodoxy and from the left, which bases your worth on your skin color, sex and sexual orientation,” she says.

Her goal is to turn Blexit into a grass-roots political force. “Twenty points by 2020 is the dream.”

If the left is the Titanic, “I like to view myself as a little iceberg.” Owens says. “Blexit sits underneath that, with thousands of black people sick of being lied to by Democrats.”

Just four years ago, Owens was a liberal. Her awakening began in 2016 when she heard then-candidate Trump at a rally in Michigan asking black America: “What the hell do you have to lose?” by voting for him.

Owens realized the answer was: absolutely nothing.

Our own David Harris Jr will be joining Candace at the rally on Sunday as one of the featured speakers. Between the two of them, they should blow the roof off the place!

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Candace had hoped to be able to run an ad for the event on Facebook and was prevented from doing so. She went to Twitter instead, and at the last reported count, there were only 30 tickets left.

(Mirriam-Webster hasn’t added the word “woke” to the official dictionary yet, but if you’d like to see an expanded explanation of how they see it, click here.)


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