Black Veteran Jermain Botsio Has Been On A Mission To Help the Black Community #WalkAway [Not A Bot]

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Jermain Botsio is another of the young men-on-a-mission to bring real hope and change to the men of America with whom he comes in contact. The synopsis of his background as found below is on his Facebook page here:

My background is in Corrections and Law Enforcement. I obtained a B.S. Degree in Corrections from Minnesota State University of Mankato. I spent years working as a juvenile detention center and facilitating groups in cognitive behavioral therapy for ex offenders. I am also a veteran of the U.S. Army. In my experience dealing with men in this population I’ve found out that most do not have a father and yearn for that connection. I have been conducting interviews with young men across the country on podcast discussing their issues with child support, custody, and depression when they cannot see their child. I have also created a program called Conservative Nation which I talk about the disease of liberalism and how it has destroyed the families of America. We Need Help. Please join me and support patriots Making America Great Again!

From the About section of his YouTube channel:

Black Conservative, Men’s Rights Activist, Truth to ear Politics. I am bringing a conservative point a view to black issues. It is my mission to provide African Americans a conservative venue to discuss social issues without the liberal dogs shutting down the argument with false promulgated shaming tactics. It is my belief that most African Americans are conservative and if given an opportunity to hear the other side will agree with most issues. So join me in my fight against liberalism that is destroying the family and men in our society.

Here is a sample of a recent video he posted on YouTube:

He is also seeking public office:

This young man (age 33 as of this writing) has plenty on the ball. He has learned at a young age that Liberalism is not on the side of the minority population, regardless of ethnicity. He has a message of real hope and change for black men whose life circumstances have been marred by the unrealistic expectations offered by liberal promises which never really manifest. I think we can expect many more good things from this gentleman as he finds his wings and helps others #WalkAway from the Democratic party. (And no, HE’s Not A Bot!)

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