BHO Blames ‘White Supremacist’ Sites, Guns, and Trump For the Mass Shootings

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The Democrats are executing an all-out frontal assault against President Trump. They’re calling him the worst kind of racist slurs. They’re accusing him of encouraging the proliferation of white supremacy. They hate the rise of patriotism he has sparked. Anything that has to do with Trump or his supporters, they hate, and it is coming all the way from the top down. (That is if you consider EX-president Barack Obama as being the top dog Democrat, which I think is something he never deserved…)

Obama had to put in his two cents worth along with all the other liberal politicians and screaming talking heads of the MSM, wasting a whole lot of good oxygen as he blamed everything from A to Z related to the shootings of the past weekend on the president. Of course, it should be noted that wrapped up in the outrage the liberals are spouting is a massive push for stricter gun controls.

This from Breitbart News:

Former President Barack Obama delivered a lengthy response to the dual mass shootings that killed 31 people in Texas and Ohio over the weekend. He blamed guns, white supremacist websites, and President Donald Trump’s rhetoric for the ongoing violence in the United States.

In a message shared on Twitter, the former president specifically called for more gun control to help prevent more mass shootings.

“Until all of us stand up and insist on holding public officials accountable for changing our gun laws, these tragedies will keep happening,” Obama said in a statement, citing “evidence” that proved that more gun control could stop “some killings.”

Obama lamented that “no other nation on Earth” experienced the level of gun violence the United States does.

The former president also called for more censorship of “white nationalist websites” to prevent radicalization.

“[T]here are indications that the El Paso shooting follows a dangerous trend: troubled individuals who embrace racist ideologies and see themselves obligated to act violently to preserve white supremacy,” he wrote.

He compared the radicalization of white nationalists to that of followers of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

“That means that both law enforcement agencies and internet platforms need to come up with better strategies to reduce the influence of these hate groups,” he wrote.

While Obama did not cite President Trump’s rhetoric specifically, he called Americans to “soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments.”

He also criticized rhetoric meant to “demonize those who don’t look like us” or suggest that immigrants were “sub-human” or threatened the American way of life.

Obama indicated that rhetoric, such as the kind Trump voiced, was the root of the worst moments in human history — citing Jim Crow laws, the Holocaust, Rwanda Genocide, and ethnic cleansing in the Balkans.

“It has no place in our politics and our public life,” he wrote. “And it’s time for the overwhelming majority of Americans of goodwill, of every race and faith and political party, to say as much — clearly and unequivocally.”

The president also shared a link to a article calling for a bold plan to enact gun control:

Mr. Obama, here’s a bold plan for you. Start supporting the Constitution of the United States. Start supporting the current administration the way YOU would want to be supported. If you’re not going to do something that will be truly GOOD for the country, then GET THE HECK OUT!!

Taking the guns away from the law-abiding American citizens is a Fail. It’s failed in every other place in the world that it’s been enacted.

We’re wise to your sneaky agenda. You want us disarmed so we can’t fight the kind of government you want to see be in charge.

More Americans are waking up every day to the folly of the Democrat policies, and I sincerely hope we’re not too late to keep you and yours from destroying the best country that’s ever existed on Planet Earth.


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