Antifa’s Beatdown and Assault Against Andy Ngo Downplayed on CNN

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Since Donald Trump was elected to fill the bully pulpit, CNN seems to have taken the position of something I suppose we could call “reverse bullying,” a practice which CNN’s “journalists” carry out daily against the entire administration. They attack him day and night, seven days a week, looking for any excuse to turn a phrase into an attack.

On the other hand, when covering the subject of attacks carried out by leftists or terrorists, as long as it’s something that causes harm to conservatives, they seem to have no concern whatsoever that someone’s life is seriously threatened. Over the weekend, we saw a life-threatening assault against conservative journalist Andy Ngo by none other than the domestic terrorist organization Antifa. In typical fashion, CNN’s Brian Stelter downplayed the brutality of the attack.

This from Breitbart:

CNN’s Brian Stelter deliberately downplayed the brutal beating of journalist Andy Ngo at the hands of the left-wing terrorist group Antifa.

Ngo, a reporter and editor for Quillette, a site that champions free expression, was physically assaulted by a gang of Antifa thugs in Portland, Oregon, Saturday while covering a protest that — as is almost always the case with Antifa — turned into a violent riot.

Video shows that while doing nothing more provocative than covering the event, Ngo was sucker-punched in the face by a masked thug. Then, as he covered his injured face, Ngo was swarmed by black-clad hooligans who viciously kicked and pushed Ngo while throwing containers of liquid at him.

As he walks away in retreat, two more terrorists hurl objects at him.

It was a horrific spectacle, one that put Ngo in the hospital, and one that Brian Stelter did not want his audience to see.

Stelter, who holds himself up as the defender of all things “journalism,” who breaks into a full body rash every time a reporter is merely criticized with words for fear it will lead to violence, spent exactly 47 seconds of his basement-rated hour-long CNN show “condemning” the attack.

To his eternal shame, Stelter rushed the segment before a commercial — so that his panel would not have to lengthen the segment by discussing it, but even worse, Stelter chose not to broadcast the punching and kicking of Ngo.

Instead, as you will see below, Stelter showed only the aftermath of the attack, which makes it look as though Ngo was the victim of nothing more than some taunting after a milkshake/silly string attack.

You can watch Stelter’s fake news-of-omission for yourself here:


Source: Breitbart News

If I were to follow the same process that CNN follows, I would be all but throwing things at the screen right now. Their so-called journalists have become nothing more than propaganda hacks that say nothing but what their handlers require of them. You’ve no doubt seen some of the videos around that put several dozen screens side-by-side, and you see clearly that their reports are scripted, and sound virtually identical.

The thing that is so appalling here is that he almost dismisses the attack as insignificant. Why is that? We can guess. Mine is that Andy Ngo, although a gay man, because he doesn’t subscribe to the liberal mantra he gets dismissed as insignificant. If the shoe were on the other foot, Brian would be ripping the airwaves with inflammatory rhetoric that could be likened to a verbal nuclear blast.



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