Accused Illegal Alien Child Rapists, Murderers, And Child Abusers May Be Freed By MD Sanctuary Counties

According to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials, two counties in the State of Maryland, specifically, Montgomery County and Prince George County, may soon be releasing six illegal aliens.

They’re not just your garden variety of illegals who are purportedly counties as mentioned above to find work and live in peace; these aliens are accused of violent crimes against American citizens and children, including child abuse, child rape, murder, and assault.

The counties as mentioned above have been the subject of other reports of ours, and the story is the same wherever illegal alien criminals are apprehended in sanctuary counties or cities…illegals get the elevator, Americans get the shaft.

The “compassionate” Democrats in power have the misguided notion that illegal aliens should be protected, regardless of their infractions above and beyond the unauthorized entry, and make it plain as day that by doing so, they hate the American citizens they’re supposed to be representing.

This from Breitbart News:

Jaycob Kidlat, an illegal alien, has been charged with five counts of sexual abuse of a minor, rape of a child under the age of 14-years-old, and third-degree sexual offense. ICE placed a detainer on him in June and it is unclear when he will be released, and if he will be freed rather than turned over to federal agents.

Likewise, illegal alien Alpha Ibrahimbah Mansaray has been charged with attempted first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and reckless driving, as well as a series of drug crime charges. Mansaray was arrested in September and ICE has a detainer on him.

Illegal alien Luis Miguel Cabrera was arrested in September 2018 in one of the two sanctuary counties on charges of child abuse resulting in the death of the child, child sex abuse, and rape of a child under the age of 14. ICE has placed a detainer on him.

Illegal aliens Jaun Rivas-Montano and Manuel Carballos-Morales were both arrested this year on charges such as child sex abuse, child abuse, child molestation, and second-degree child abuse. Both have ICE detainers, but their release dates by the sanctuary counties are unknown.

Illegal alien Mouhamadou Yatassaye was arrested by Montgomery County officials in April and charged with first-degree assault. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted, though ICE is unaware of when and if he will be released before trial.

“The county leadership has chosen misguided politics over public safety,” Baltimore, Maryland, ICE official Francisco Madrigal said in a statement. “The individuals we have lodged detainers against have been arrested in the community and will likely be released directly back into that community under these dangerous policies.”

“We aren’t asking Montgomery County or Prince George’s County to conduct immigration enforcement, we’re asking them to honor a lawful request to transfer these individuals into our custody where they can avail themselves of due process in the immigration court system,” Madrigal said.


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