A Back-door Attack Has Been Launched Against David J Harris

Readers of this page are probably quite familiar with the ongoing assault against David Harris Jr’s social media presence, particularly his main Facebook page.

Some of you may recall a video he posted a couple of months ago about supposed violations of Facebook community standards that generated warnings in the back office section of the page.

Via that live video, David showed us the screen of his computer with the list of supposed violations, and how they had the Details button next to each violation grayed out so he couldn’t actually SEE  his alleged violations.

Just a few hours later, Facebook disabled his page, but thanks to the help of someone in a position of influence, he was able to get his page reactivated. However, even though it’s still “alive,” his Reach is so limited that it’s almost as if he doesn’t have a page anyway.

To break the understanding of that open for you a little more, the statistics on his public FB page show that there are over 704,000 followers. In spite of that, there are many articles that show a Reach number of less than 10,000. That’s barely 3% of the potential audience. 18 months ago, it wasn’t all that unusual to see Reach numbers in excess of 400,000 on any given article. FB throttling his reach so severely is nothing more than a covert way of suppressing his free speech and disabling his ability to spread the news his writers provide.

An additional point that needs to be addressed is the fact that FB’s restrictions negatively impact the writers’ income as well. If articles aren’t opened and read by the audience, the writers aren’t paid, so by censoring the page’s reach, they (FB) cut everyone else’s paycheck too. How is that right? Not only is it a clear violation of our constitutional right to free speech, but it’s also an attack against people’s ability to generate income. Would you be able to stay motivated to work if your take-home pay was reduced by 50% or more?

Something that probably comes as no surprise is that the same punitive and arbitrary (on the part of Facebook) action is happening to some of the others who are on the “front line” with him.

Several of the article authors are routinely being suspended for various alleged violations, with the primary offense cited by Facebook centering on “too much, too often” sharing of David’s articles to other public Facebook pages or groups. The suspensions are worded in such a way that they convey a message of censure or reprimand for “violating community standards.” I could give you their names, but in the interest of protecting their privacy, I’ll leave that decision up to them if they want to speak up.

The most extreme case of banning has now hit close to home. The person David assigned to the position of Editor-in-Chief of his pages has now been accused by Facebook as misrepresenting himself and allegedly is not who he says he is.

What’s the consequence of his alleged offense? A completely disabled page, with no avenue left open for appeal. An attempt to go to his page gives the following result:

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that FB did this as a way to strike a blow against David. By extension, it’s also a blow against conservatives by FB. The tactic sounds very much like a Mafia or Mob-type threat of punitive action, as in “we know where you live, and when you least expect it, you, or someone close to you, is gonna die.”

Up to this point, I’ve written this as a third-person type of report. The fact of the matter is, yours truly – the author of this article – is the person who has had his page disabled. Facebook demanded a current ID to confirm I am who I say I am on my profile, but to this date, there has been ZERO response to my compliance.

What’s more, on previous incidents of FB “jail” there was a text box in which the ability to enter an appeal or a comment could be entered. No such box existed anywhere on this occasion. The ban was essentially final, with no avenue for any kind of appeal at all.

I suspect that “they” saw I was an admin on David’s FB page, and it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that just a little under 10% of the articles still on this blog are mine.

Can I live without FB? I suppose so…but it was fun reconnecting with people from the past. Some of the people on my list went all the way back to my childhood, and the only way I had contact with them was via FB. The thing I miss the most is seeing the pictures of memories of the past.

Could I open a new account? I suppose so. The question is whether or not I really want to go through the effort to try to remember all the people I had on the list. I’d really prefer to just have my account restored. Judging by FB’s actions, it seems they’ve already made up their minds, so I can’t even appeal their ban.

There are many other reasons I don’t really want to open another account as well. I had numerous groups that I followed that had absolutely NOTHING to do with politics, and now I can’t participate in any of the exchange of information related to the various interests and hobbies I like to follow.

One last thing.

David wanted me to add a photo of me and my bride so you could put a face to the speaker.

I don’t have any good recent photos of me, but at my age, things don’t change all that much other than hairstyles, so here’s a little snapshot of me and the other “yours truly” in the byline at the top of this article.

She’s my best friend, my right arm, if you will, and a collaborator in the work we do to help polish and promote David’s pages and support him in his mission to spread the truth that the talking heads and now social media are forcibly suppressing with their censorship of conservatives and the message of reason and sanity we present.

We’re parents, and grandparents, and if you got to know us, you’d know there isn’t anyone on the face of the planet less dangerous than the two of us…unless you’re one of those to whom it means the spreading of GOOD news.


  1. I violated Facebook community standards one day on a post where a friend and I were merely discussing Avocados. I am extremely political but they chose the produce post.. I have over 2,000 friends and yet some of my political posts get as low as 0 responses. When my posts reach my people, I get 50 to 100 or so responses on a post and lots of comments with debates frequent too.

  2. This stinks! I enjoy all of David’s articles and videos, and miss seeing them. Conservatives need a new forum.

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