REPORT: 4 Ways Trump Has Done More for African Americans Than Barack Obama — Jack Brewer

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By his own admission, former NFL safety and team captain Jack Brewer was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. He was an active Obama supporter and had bought the mindset that the only party that was looking out for the “minorities” were Democrats.

He enjoyed/enjoys a high level of economic prosperity. He has focused much of his attention to philanthropic pursuits and has a real heart for the plight of many black Americans who have experienced a high percentage of poverty, fatherlessness, and disproportionate incarceration for minor criminal offenses.

However, Jack has continually followed what President Trump’s policies are producing, and he now comes down much more squarely than ever on the Red side of the political fence. He openly supports the president’s decisions by basing his conclusions on the facts presented by documentable results, not the emotionally-charged Orange Man Bad hype that continually comes over the airwaves via the NeverTrump mainstream media.

From Newsmax, Jack Brewer speaking:

I remember the move when I donated my entire office and all of the furniture and equipment to the Obama campaign to launch the Minnesota Headquarters in 2007.

I proudly created and ran the “NFL Players for Obama” in 2008. I remember being able to recite the “Yes We Can” speech line by line. And I vividly remember watching eight years of focusing on countless core issues that had no real effect on blacks in America.

Yet I remained faithful and hopeful that the second term would bear more fruits for the poorest, sickest, and most uneducated segment of the U.S. population, our African Americans.

The Obama administration chose to pour food stamps on our most underserved with few effective programs to incentivize our impoverished to go to work. Obama ironically boasted about giving out more food stamps than any other president in U.S. history. You can’t make this up.

Obamacare was a noble effort, but the blatant lies told in order to pass it have been the catalyst which is leading to its demise today. Remember it was sold as a plan which would not increase your healthcare bill or limit your access.

First Step Act

I would have never imagined seeing Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the White House discussing criminal justice policy.

Just like I would have never imagined seeing Alice Johnson given clemency and the long awaited Jack Johnson legacy receiving a presidential pardon.

These highly publicized cases were both denied by the Obama Administration over two consecutive terms as president. In less than two years in the Oval Office, President Trump continued his push for criminal justice reform by passing the First Step Act which targeted many shackled by the unfair and unjust sentencing laws which were instituted by the Bill Clinton 1994 Crime Bill.

It’s hard to imagine that President Trump, not Barack Obama, would pass the most comprehensive criminal justice reform bill in decades. Despite Barack Obama having Democratic control of all branches of government for his first two years, the priority just never seemed to be put on addressing the issues that were the most oppressive for underserved Blacks in America.

Funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities

“Established by visionary leaders, America’s HBCUs have long played an integral role in our Nation’s history, providing Black Americans opportunities to learn and achieve their dreams.” –President Donald J. Trump

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) have been at the backbone of educating blacks since the end of slavery.

During times when blacks were oppressed the most in America, brave African Americans risked their lives to establish institutions for blacks to receive a higher education. To my surprise, Trump appointed his Presidential Advisory Board on HBCU’s and signed an executive order to push funding in programs, passing HBCU legislation faster than any other President in American history. This included pushing to increase the annual budgets by 25% as well as supporting much needed work study programs for HBCU’s.


Many forget that the primary focus of the Martin Luther King Jr. led civil rights marches was for “Jobs and Freedom.”

Since the end of slavery and throughout Jim Crow, blacks across America have fought for the right to earn a decent living. Nearly 50 years after MLK’s push for Jobs, President Trump started his campaign by touting himself as the greatest jobs president in history. Now he is actually producing some of the greatest jobs numbers ever recorded.

As a young Wall Street banker I paid very close attention to the monthly jobs numbers for African Americans. Now let’s give Trump credit where credit is due. African American unemployment has reached its lowest rate in modern history for both black men and women. This is actually the case for almost all ethnic groups in America.

The most impressive number of them all is the fact that almost 70% of working black women currently hold a white collar job, compared to just over 40% of black men.

The Tax plan and Jobs Act has help to stimulate this.

Welfare and Food Stamp

Food stamps and welfare have helped my immediate family in the past and still helps some of those closest to me.

This is a safety net for many Americans that helps make our nation as great as it is. But when you promote food stamp programs to healthy, able-bodied individuals as an alternative to work, there lies your problem.

While Obama was widely known as the “Food Stamp President,” his administration took unprecedented measures to make it simple for states to sign up their able-bodied residents for food stamps.

Immediately following the financial crises of 2008, our country was in desperate need of food stamps and other government assistance. But enrollment kept expanding even as the unemployment rate declined and the gross domestic product (GDP) started rising. In short, the economy returned to normal, but food stamp enrollment did not.

This took a toll on the black community and further incentivized many to depend on government assistance verses seeking employment.

President Trump fortunately took a new approach and has put his energy into helping able-bodied food stamp recipients to get back into the work force. This trend has worked well and the Trump Administration has seen nearly 5 million Americans come off of food stamps.

For example, once the city of Kansas City added a work requirement for food stamp recipients, it halved the average time people received assistance, from 14 to seven months. The share of those employed jumped from 18 percent to 36 percent, and wages increased from an average of $6,000 to $13,000. I’ll be the first to admit that welfare programs are never perfect and there will always be unfortunate cases where someone who really needs helps get left out. Black America deserves a safety net when needed, but we don’t deserve institutionalized oppression through promoting a dependency on government aid. We need jobs and freedom like MLK marched and died fighting for.

I’m sure that I’ll get a ton of backlash from many of my black peers and several of my liberal colleagues as well. It’s hard for a lot of people to look beyond their personal style preferences to embrace the amazingly effective Trump Administration policies.

It’s even more interesting to see so many people who will support a policy initiated by the political affiliation that they prefer, yet they lash out against the same policies when they’re pushed by the opposite political party. Just check your favorite politician’s perspectives on illegal immigration and criminal justice reform just a decade ago. Democrats have mastered this manipulation when it comes to winning the black vote, with most candidates not even needing to campaign to the black demographic. Democrats have been able to create a political correctness philosophy that has successfully lumped illegal immigration, minimum wage, LGBTQ rights and racism towards African Americans all into one blended issue. It’s comical really. The political party of slavery, Jim Crow, the 1994 Crime Bill, and welfare dumping has now branded themselves as the voice of social justice.

Well as a lifelong Democrat, I say enough is enough.

The above were only excerpts from an article written by Jack that was published a few months ago in Newsmax. There’s not room enough for me to share the entire article, so I encourage you to follow this link to see the entire piece.


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