The good news keeps rolling in! The report I submitted a few days ago called U.S. Marshals Spearhead Efforts to Nab 262 In Operation Triple Beam and Rescue 5 Missing Children shines a spotlight on something the MSM conveniently ignores. Despite the opposition, law enforcement operations continue to forge ahead. A recently completed sting operation in Ohio has netted another 104 arrests in a statewide sex trafficking bust.


An audio clip of the attorney general’s statement is below this next image:


According to Attorney General Dave Yost, 30 police agencies worked together in this sting,  The operation’s name is called “Fourth and Goal.” Out of the arrests, 53 are for felonies, and 26 involve crimes against children.  

In a public statement, task force director Sgt Mark Rapp said:

“This operation demonstrates the varying dynamics of sex trafficking operating within our community, Street prostitution is only a small part of a much larger complex sex trafficking issue. This operation was a collaboration of over 30 local, state and federal agencies and offices working to address the many hidden crimes within Ohio.”

The probe also focused on nailing those who went beyond preying on children to have sex with them. Some reportedly sought to sell vulnerable individuals into human trafficking. Among those arrested, 36 men were charged with trying to buy sex. One man was arrested for promoting prostitution. Forty-three women were arrested for selling sex. To help them recover from the traumas suffered, they were connected with social services agencies specializing in rehabilitating human trafficking victims. Christian Gibson, 26, a former youth director at Redeemer’s at Courtright Church in Columbus, and Austin Kosier, 31, an emergency room doctor, are two of those named on the list.

24 men were caught when they showed up at an undisclosed location to meet a child for sex, according to Maj. Steven Tucker of the Franklin County Sheriff’s office.

“They show up with sex toys, they show up with lubrication. They show up with things that clearly somebody isn’t going to show up to a house with, unless they intended to engage in sexual activity.”

— Maj. Steven Tucker, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office


For many like myself who live relatively sheltered lives (especially by comparison to these victims), it’s mind-boggling to think about how wide the problem must be. As a teen in the sixties, I would hear mutterings about the forbidden pleasures of things like the Playboy mansion or downtown Las Vegas. Those mutterings were the closest I ever came to it. To my knowledge, the little country town I lived in has nothing like that – even to this day. 

Perhaps the most tragic thing about this is the trauma the children caught up in this mess suffer. Being a dad and a grandpa myself, I know firsthand what it feels like to have a strong protective instinct on my babies’ behalf. Just think of the line in the old movies in which the old-country dad looks at someone and says “you touch-a my kid, I break-a you face!” That’s what seeing these accounts of children being rescued stirs up. The true victims are the children who are scarred for life.

If this operation only covered just three counties in Ohio, can you imagine the scope of the problem nationwide? And just think of the problem of child-trafficking at the southern border with all the unaccompanied children from the Central American countries. There are countless reports of missing children who have never been found. Only God knows where they end up. 

I don’t think it’s at all an exaggeration to say that if anyone else besides the Trump administration was in charge we would never have seen any of this mess come to light. Because of his support for law enforcement, we’re making progress, however slight, to stemming the virtual flood of sex trafficking. It will be interesting to see how many more big names find themselves in the graybar hotel once the indictments begin to flow. 



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