10-Year-Old Girl Murdered, Previously-Deported Illegal Uncle Pleads Guilty To The Deed

It hasn’t been all that long since the term “manufactured crisis” was in vogue on Democrats’ lips when talking about the flood of illegals across the border, but I wonder how they could stand to look in the eyes of the parents of this little girl and say those words after her uncle, no less, who is an illegal alien and had been deported and returned, confessed to killing her.

This from Breitbart News:

A previously deported illegal alien has pleaded guilty to strangling and drowning his ten-year-old cousin after attempting to sexually assault her in 2016 in Cherokee County, Texas.

Gustavo Zavala-Garcia, an illegal alien from Mexico, pleaded guilty on Thursday to murdering Kayla Gomez-Orozco, his cousin by marriage, in 2016 after the girl went missing, CBS Austin reports.

Court records released after the murder reveal gruesome details where Zavala-Garcia kidnapped Gomez-Orozco from a church service and attempted to sexually assault her. According to prosecutors, the illegal alien struck the girl in the head with a blunt object, then strangled and drowned her.

Gomez-Orozco’s body was found days later in a water well at the home where Zavala-Garcia had been living.

As Breitbart News reported, Zavala-Garcia crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally sometime after 2014, when he was first deported for violent crime charges, having been arrested twice for assault that year.

Zavala-Garcia will serve a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the murder.

The insult I see added to this injury is that now that he has received a life sentence without the possibility of parole is the fact that we as American citizen taxpayers have to foot the bill for his three hots and a cot for the rest of his miserable life. His actions earned him a stiff penalty, but the expense to keep him alive is going to be huge when you factor in all the auxiliary charges above and beyond the actual cost of the shelter, food, and water to keep him alive. I think the penalty for a confessed killer like this could more appropriately be served in an open courtyard on the end of a rope, and we should spread the word that mercy for such a killer is not an option in cases like this.


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