White House Responds to NYT for Finally Admitting Obama Spied on Trump

The NYT has finally admitted that the Trump campaign was spied on by the previous administration. That differs greatly from their first response after President Trump first made the accusation two years ago when they referred to it as a conspiracy theory. That all ended yesterday when the Times admitted the spying. They said that George Papadopoulos was the target of the spying after meeting with Stefan Halper and then having a meeting with his alleged research assistant, Azra Turk, an alias. She flirted with Papadopoulos and then asked him directly if Trump was working with the Russians. The Democrats are still lying through their teeth and insist that no spying took place.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Tuesday The New York Times dropped a bombshell revealing that Stefan Halper’s assistant, ‘Azra Turk,’ who met with Papadopoulos is September of 2016 was actually an FBI investigator posing as a sexy assistant to Halper.

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Trump campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos traveled to London in September of 2016 after he received a strange request via email, for a meeting from Stefan Halper, a Cambridge professor with CIA connections, to discuss foreign policy.

Halper sent Papadopoulos an email in early September of 2016 offering him $3,000 to travel to London and write a policy paper about Cyprus, Turkey and Israel because Papadopoulos was working in the Israeli energy business and had an extensive amount of knowledge in that field.

Enter the spy posing as a sexy assistant…

Stefan Halper’s assistant, Azra Turk (alias), who Papadopoulos referred to as a ‘honeypot,’ said she flirted with him and directly asked him if the Trump campaign was working with Russia.

On Thursday The New York Times admitted that Azra Turk was a deep state FBI spy. And she was spying on Papadopoulos.

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This afternoon the Trump Campaign released a statement on Obama spying on his campaign.
It’s brutal.


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