[VIDEOS] Two Women Survived Attempted Murder – At The Hands of a ‘Doctor’

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The issue of both murder and attempted murder have received a lot of attention in recent weeks, but it seems not as much attention has been focused on the survivors of those criminal acts. I’m not talking about attempts made on adults or youths, however. I’m speaking of aborting or attempting to abort babies in the womb.

In this article, I want to spotlight two women who have stepped up and become powerful advocates against abortion and for the sanctity of life. Their names are Melissa Ohden and Gianna Jensen.

First, allow me to share a video of Gianna Jensen speaking to an audience in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, Victoria. Australia.


And below, Gianna testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on September 23, 2016 at a hearing on the Hyde Amendment and Born Alive Infants Protection Act.


Both of the above videos can be found on her website here.

The second woman I want to highlight is Melissa Ohden. She too is on the front lines of advocacy for the protection of the unborn.

Below is an interview she did with a publication known as The Daily Caller in which she tells her story.

Just this past week she was in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee as she endorsed the passage of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.


More of Melissa’s story can be found on her website here.


I wanted to highlight these two ladies for their incredible courage and determination as they stand up for the lives of babies everywhere whose lives have been terminated by those with a sinister agenda that includes mass infanticide.

Planned Parenthood is the primary purveyor of abortions. The original mission of Margaret Sanger, their founder, was to wipe out the black community in this country. Unfortunately, far too many bought into the lies they propagate. Tens of millions of babies never saw the light of day due to their evil plans, and the loss to this country is literally without measure.

To close out this little vignette I want you to give a listen to a recent speech by Candace Owens. She is not an abortion survivor, but she speaks with the conviction of one who has had a Red Pill moment concerning the reality of Democrat manipulation of minorities and how they, through Planned Parenthood, have targeted the black community. Paraphrasing, she states that the most dangerous place for a black baby in today’s big city is inside its mother’s womb. That danger is so wrong I can’t begin to get my head around how our nation got to that place.

We who contribute to this page are all very strongly pro-life, and unequivocally support the complete abolition of abortion. We agree with these ladies. Life is precious and has value beyond measure. Children deserve to be cherished and loved so that they may see the fruit of their potential.

I’ve mentioned it before, but for those who may be less familiar with the founder of this site, David J Harris Jr, he will tell you how he was nearly deprived of the loves of his life – his wife and two daughters – due to his wife’s mom’s visit to an abortion clinic.

The knowledge of that, plus the events leading up to the 2016 election and seeing Crooked Hillary’s avid support of the Pro-Choice (baby-killing) ideology, and Donald Trump’s support of the Pro-Life side played a big part in spurring him to speak out as he does today. He has put much of that journey in his book which you can see below.



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