Trump Tweets Out A Message In Persian On Iranian Revolution’s Anniversary [VIDEO]

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President Trump tweeted a message to the Iranian people on Monday in Persian by slamming Iran’s leadership on the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution.

“40 years of corruption. 40 years of repression. 40 years of terror. The regime in Iran has produced only #40YearsofFailure. The long-suffering Iranian people deserve a much brighter future,” reads the tweet, which the president also sent out in English.

In a ceremony to mark the anniversary of the 1979 revolution that forced Iran into an Islamic republic, memorializing the day when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s people took down the Shah of Iran, the regime got hit with the message, which is what any US president should have done.  In 2009 the young people of Iran revolted, and all then President Obama had to do was send a message that the United States stood with them in their fight for freedom, but he did nothing.  He remained silent, and so did the Fake News industry because they never condemned him for his lack of action at a time when even an amateur knew what to do.

From The Hill:

During the ceremony, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani touted the country’s military and pledged to overcome U.S. efforts to isolate Tehran.

“We will not let America become victorious … Iranian people have and will have some economic difficulties but we will overcome the problems by helping each other,” Rouhani said.

The Trump administration has taken a hard-line approach to Iran, with Trump pulling out of the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran last year. As part of withdrawing from the agreement, the Trump administration has reimposed sanctions that are squeezing Iran’s economy.

John Bolton, the White House National Security Advisor, said in 2017 that he hoped Iran’s revolution “will not last until its 40th birthday.”  On Monday Bolton tweeted out that the United States supports “the will of the Iranian people.”    That’s all, at this point, that needs to be done.  Show the Iranian people that the United States has no beef with them, it’s their leadership.

“After 40 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has failed to fulfill its promises to uphold and safeguard the rights of its citizens. The 40th anniversary of the Iranian regime only serves to highlight four decades of failure and broken promises,” Bolton tweeted.

I am waiting for Democrats to denounce the administration for their efforts to fight the Iranian regime.  At any other time, I would not have made a statement like that, but we live in strange times when Democrats would fight against a cure for cancer if Trump had anything to do with it.

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