Trump Derangement Syndrome Explained

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The vitriolic opposition to President Donald Trump has nothing to do with the Russians, money-hungry porn stars looking for a payout, or things he said when he thought he was having a private conversation.  Those are just the reasons progressives give publicly because they know the real reasons they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome would expose the lies they live with about who they are each and every day.

The hatred and fear – yes fear – of Donald Trump has to do with deep-seated psychological triggers that drive progressives and liberals nuts.

They see him as a traitor to everything they’ve come to be, and it hurts them badly because he was an insider who knows who and what they are, and they feel vulnerable to being exposed as the frauds that they are.

Progressives are pretentious little snots who think they are better than you.  They live and die by certain leftist ideological theories.  They believe society can be perfected so long as everyone thinks exactly like them.  They are always presenting themselves as enlightened new age human beings, and the world would be a much better place if we could just get rid of everyone who isn’t just like them.

Trump has completely rejected the pretensions you find among all progressives.  Among his vast fortunes and fame, he is a regular guy who speaks in Vulgate to the masses.  He is who he is, and he doesn’t try to be someone or something that he’s not.  Real Americans see and understand it, while progressives are incapable.

Trump doesn’t pretend to be any better than anyone else, which is a key prerequisite to being a progressive.  So, while Trump brags about being better than others, at the same time he doesn’t care about “looking like” he’s any better than anyone else.  He doesn’t care what others think of him, and that’s a foreign concept to progressives.  Trump embodies a famous line of Andrew Breitbart; “Walk toward the fire.  Don’t worry about what they call you.”

Rustbelt and blue-collar working-family folks get it, but Trump being that way really gets under the skin of the pretentious progressives.

Trump is also not an intellectual.  He’s a very smart man, but he doesn’t go around bragging about it or acting the way progressive intellectuals want him to behave, and that also drives them nuts.

Progressive intellectuals want you to believe that because they can recite something that goes way back to the ancient Greeks philosophers they too must be gifted in thought and intellect and are the rightful gatekeepers of the knowledge of life.  This is how progressives establish authority over us mere mortals.  You see it at just about every college campus in America.

Progressive ideology is based on the theories of “important thinkers” of history.  The progressive air of authority is a vulnerable thing because while they can declare they are more brilliant than most, it can also be said that they haven’t come up with anything that actually made people’s lives better.  How does reciting what Socrates, Aristotle, or Plato said help a family put food on the table?

Trump doesn’t need to do anything to gain a feeling of superiority as he is the ultimate celebrity.

Here’s the biggest sting of all.  For about four decades Trump used the liberal mainstream media to become an international celebrity.  You saw him everywhere.  For years he was asked to call into morning TV shows to answer questions and give his opinions on issues of the day.  He created the show The Apprentice, which became the number one rated show for years, making him one of the biggest Hollywood stars on the planet.  The Apprentice showed the world that he was a no-nonsense decision-maker, who could make tough decisions and never look back, something people look for in a leader.

Trump also used liberal and progressive politicians to get an understanding of the political games they play with society.  He donated to all of the big name politicians to either be able to get things done with his construction business, as that’s how things got done in a progressive society like New York City, to getting on the inside of their political world to learn how they think.

Trump then used all of this to rip a hole in the progressive fabric, and he took the White House.  And progressives felt betrayed.

Now they hate him so much that they can’t think of anything else outside of how much they hate him.  Progressives are used to quickly getting rid of Republicans they don’t like.  One accusation and a Republican usually folds like a cheap suit.  Not Trump.  He’s a fighter, and they’re not used to that.  The usual hit jobs don’t work on Trump, so night after night on fake news shows they resort to pushing the most ridiculous theories and accusations against him, because they don’t know any better.  They’ve never had a Republican fight back like Trump, so they never prepared for how to handle it when someone calls them on their bullschtein.

When you think about it, Trump has turned all of their strongholds into a publicity machine for Donald Trump.  He got the most coverage during the primaries as every hateful progressive reporter covered things they hated about him.  It became a game of one-upmanship among liberal reporters to see which one could submit a story negative enough to cause Trump’s failure.  They thought they were hurting him when in reality they were doing him a huge favor because what they hate about Trump is what his supporters love about him.

What Trump’s supporters saw was a man who knew how the game had been played for decades, and with his apparent patriotism and love of country, they knew that he understood how to fix the things that decades of progressive policies ruined in their lives.  He was on the inside.  He understood what progressives did, and how and why they did it.  He had the keys to unlocking the mystery of how millions of jobs left the country, and he had the will to step in and make the tough decisions to fix the problems millions of forgotten men and women faced for decades.  This is why Deplorables don’t believe anything negative said about Trump anymore.  They know that if something negative comes out, just wait a few days and the truth will follow.

The progressive left has lost its mojo, and I don’t think they’ll ever get it back.  And that is why progressives hate Trump so much.  He used everything he learned from being on the inside after being accepted into the collective to turn around and dismantle and destroy everything they worked on for decades to take down the country.

Watch this incredible video analysis that explains the top 5 Trump triggers that drive progressives crazy:

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