Tim Tebow To Host New High-Stakes Competition Show

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Tim Tebow is one of my favorite athletes. He excelled in football, and then switched to baseball. One thing that drew national attention to him was a time when he wrote John 3:16 under his eyes while playing a championship game. Just for fun, we have a video clip of him telling the story of events that came to pass around the time he did it.


Tim Tebow 3:16

This is Amazing! After Tim Tebow wrote John 3:16 under his eyes (3 years ago), his friend told him, in his football games he passed for 316 yards, averaged 31.6 yards per pass, and CBS rating peaked at 31.6 A lot of people said it's 'coincidence', but Tim Tebow said," Big God." Credit: ABOVE INSPIRATION/ bit.ly/2DwLurMFor Daily Encouragement Follow ? Jesus

Posted by Jesus Now on Sunday, December 31, 2017


Moving to the present, a new show is about to air beginning March 27, 2019. The show is called Million Dollar Mile and features world-class athletes and a million dollar prize on the table for anyone who can complete the course.

From God TV:

Million Dollar Mile is saying their show has, “the most grueling obstacle course ever designed.” Tim Tebow, the host for the high stakes competition show, tweeted out a link to an article about the world-class athletes, known as, “The Defenders,” who are defending the prize money.

CBS.com said, “The Defenders are a group of 10 top-ranked international athletes, including a Green Beret and Army Athlete of the Year, the most decorated Obstacle Course Race (OCR) athlete in history, and a two-time Guinness World Record holder for both the farthest and highest wall flips.

These exceptional competitors hold titles in some of the toughest races, including Kona Ironman World Championships, Tough Mudder X, CrossFit Games, Spartan World Championships and more.”

Watch this clip:


Source: God TV

I have no doubt that Tim’s family had a powerful influence on him, and his background on the mission field with his parents gave him tools and fed his natural inclination to evangelize. He is obviously a very humble young man despite his natural gifts, and he is quick to give God the glory for the things he gets to do.

We wish Tim all the best in his new endeavor as the host of this new program.



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