Soros-Supported DA Refuses Legally Obtained Search Warrant…Judge is not Amused

Ethically challenged, Soros-supported, St Louis DA has refused to let police search for evidence in her office looking for proof that she suborned perjury. St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner claimed that the search warrant was overly broad and merely a fishing expedition. Neither is true. To get a search warrant, you have to produce evidence of a crime, and secondly, that the search is likely to produce evidence to back up that fact. That is not a fishing expedition because they are looking for specific evidence of a specific crime. She used a private investigator from out of state that perjured himself in court. If she knew he lied, she is equally guilty.

From The Daily Caller

Judge Michael Mullen, who is presiding over the grand jury investigation into Gardner and signed the search warrant she rebuffed, chastised her in open court Tuesday and accused her office of “playing games” instead of cooperating with the investigation.

St. Louis Police Officers Association business manager — and author of “The War On Police” — Jeff Roorda spoke with The Daily Caller on Thursday, noting that there were a number of aspects of this case that were troubling.

First and foremost, he pointed out the fact that Gardner was out of line in filing the motion before police were allowed to execute the search warrant. “When you’re the defendant, and she is in this case, you don’t get to tell the police that the search warrant is invalid. Defendants don’t get to say whether or not search warrants are valid. If they could, no search warrant would ever be executed.”

Roorda also noted that doing so before the warrant was executed gave her ample time to destroy any evidence they might have found, especially since the warrant pertained specifically to computer records. “That’s why you don’t give defendants a warning before you serve a warrant,” he explained.

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