Report: Ilhan Omar Being Investigated For Misusing Campaign Contributions

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The more we hear about them, the more is coming to light about our youthful freshman congresswomen and their financial impropriety. In recent weeks we’ve heard the accounts of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s corruption and failure to pay back taxes, and putting her boyfriend on the payroll but trying to camouflage money that went to his account as if he were a staff member. She got nailed for three separate issues inside of a single week.

Now we have a report that Ilhan Omar may not have been able to resist dipping her fingers into the till, and could be facing investigations into her campaign spending contributions.

From BPR:

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is facing a probe into her campaign spending after complaints alleged that she misused contributions for personal use, according to a report published on Monday.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board is investigating Omar after Minnesota GOP State Rep. Steve Drazkowski filed two complaints alleging she spent nearly $6,000 in campaign funds for personal use while she served in the Minnesota legislature, reported WJLA. Some of the improper expenditures include payments to Omar’s divorce attorney and spending on travel to Boston and Estonia.

“I had observed a long pattern,” Drazkowski told WJLA. “Representative Omar hasn’t followed the law. She’s repeatedly trampled on the laws of the state in a variety of areas, and gotten by with it.”

The campaign finance allegations come on the heels of a separate incident where the freshman congresswoman had to return $2,500 in speaking fees, according to The Pioneer Press. Omar accepted payment from Normandale Community College and Inver Hills Community College in 2017, despite Minnesota House rules barring lawmakers from accepting speaking fees from entities with business at the Legislature.

Authorities have reportedly completed the investigation but have not yet compiled their findings or issued rulings.


Source: BizPac Review

You know, it’s interesting to note how hard and fast Democrats will jump on any little thing that might shed a bad light on a Republican, yet they ignore the improprieties of their own. As the report says, she has been doing things for years that got swept under the rug, yet she continues. The thing is, Omar has already gotten a lot of attention for her anti-semitic tweets and commentary, and has been forced to (grudgingly) apologize but in spite of all of that she continues to say Israel is not a democracy and makes other ridiculous anti-Israel allegations. It’s just more light on the Democrat hypocrisy.

The establishment political system has become so entrenched and gotten so corrupt that I believe it’s going to take an act of supernatural intervention to get it cleaned up. Donald Trump has been a real instrument of change and has done incredible things that have shined a spotlight on the Deep State, and I for one can’t wait to see the Swamp get drained.



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