National Disgrace Andrew McCabe Proves 2016 Government Coup Attempt Against Trump

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Andrew McCabe is a national disgrace.  He participated in what were the most corrupt actions ever taken by FBI leadership in the history of the Bureau, and he was eventually fired for lying under oath.  However, America owes this piece of garbage a big thank you.

McCabe recently reminded us that there really is a deep state that is a powerful force, and that the public has still not seen a full accounting of the incredible misconduct and felony law-breaking by the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) during the 2016 presidential election where the Obama DOJ and FBI tried to pull off the first government coup of our nation’s history.

After two years there is still way too much we don’t know about the role of then President Barack Obama and many of the other high-ranking officials in the DOJ that participated in spying on the Trump campaign, and the daily leaks of classified information to damage the Trump presidency.

No one on earth can convince me that Obama didn’t know what was going on.  The attempted coup was going on while Obama was making campaign stops for Hillary Clinton, declaring that it would be impossible for anyone to interfere with our election process.  The people involved are career professionals, and nobody can convince me that all of them simultaneously decided to go rogue and use the powers vested in them as federal law enforcement to take down an elected president.  They were ordered from on high, and I believe it originated straight from the Oval Office.  And, it’s still going on to this day with Mueller and every Democrat who still peddles the lie of Trump-Russia collusion.

And the corruption of all of the events of the 2016 election still marches on.  To this day no one, not one single member of the press or the DOJ or FBI, has ever asked the people who were in charge of the country in 2016 how they allowed the election to be interfered with.  If the Fake News and the Democrats truly believe that Russia interfered in the election and were the reason why Trump won, then how come no one running the country at that time has ever been asked to explain how they could have let it happen?

Barack Obama was president in 2016.  Donald Trump was nothing but a candidate running for office.  Trump had zero power, while Obama had the entire Executive branch at his disposal.

Loretta Lynch was the Attorney General in charge of the Department of Justice and the FBI, yet no one has asked her how she could have dropped the ball so badly as to allow the Russians to interfere with our election process.

James Comey was the FBI Director, and no one has asked how he could have allowed election interference from Russia to go on.

That’s because everyone involved knows there was no Russian collusion!  The entire episode of Russian collusion and the Special Counsel’s investigation is a sham that was implemented to keep the focus off of the corruption that took place by the Obama DOJ and FBI.

And here’s how good the Deep State really is.  After all of the evidence of the DOJ and FBI corruption that has been discovered over the last two years, putting together what is arguably the greatest scandal in the history of America, it remains mostly hidden from the public, as we have a complicit establishment media industry that helps cover up the corruption by focusing on the phony Trump-Russia collusion nonsense, which, believe me, was all part of the plan.

One good thing that worked out well as far as a sense of timing is that the McCabe reminder came on the same day that William Barr was confirmed as the new Attorney General, and Barr is the perfect person to get to the bottom of the unprecedented plot to right the 2016 election against Trump and in favor of Clinton, and then later on to remove a duly-elected president.

In a nutshell, the Obama and Clinton people came to realize that while Trump was filling 10, 20 and sometimes 30,000-people stadiums, Hillary Clinton couldn’t fill a beer hall without Katy Perry performing on stage first.  They knew Clinton was going to lose, and if she lost, that meant that Trump and his new people put in power would discover all the illegal things the Obama administration had done over the past eight years.

The Democrats were convinced that Hillary would win, until the very end of the election cycle when reality smacked them in the face. And then, Trump won.  Hillary couldn’t speak that night.  She knew she and the rest of the Obama team would pay for what they were doing.  So, they came up with the phony Russia collusion story to focus all attention away from them and onto the duly-elected president.  That’s why Rod Rosenstein, the linchpin of the 2016 Obama corruption cover-up, tried to get Robert Mueller hired as FBI Director to replace Comey the day before he appointed him Special Counsel.

Heads should have rolled for two years now, and I don’t put too much faith in Barr as he has testified recently that he has been friends with Robert Mueller for a long time, and that he doesn’t believe Mueller would ever be involved in a witch hunt investigation.  I hope I’m wrong.

SOURCE: Fox News

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