McCabe Slams Loretta Lynch…Clinton Investigation Needed Special Counsel

Andrew McCabe said that Loretta Lynch needed to appoint a special counsel to probe Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, but didn’t. He also made the case that Lynch should have recused herself from the case and not been involved in it whatsoever. That makes sense, considering that Hillary’s campaign hinted that she would allow Lynch to keep her job after her election. McCabe slammed the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch and said it was very bad optics and that she should have known better. He said that after that meeting, she should have stepped aside in the probe. Instead, she got more involved.

From Fox News

But McCabe said Lynch, after the outcry over the meeting, should have stepped away from the probe – which was code-named “Midyear Exam” by the FBI.

“She should have recused herself from Midyear at that point,” McCabe wrote. “She did not—she made things worse.”

McCabe suggested things would have turned out better had Lynch and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, both appointed by Obama, recused themselves even earlier from the case.

“It was a fatal choice. Had there been a competent, credible special counsel running Midyear Exam independently—the way Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation has been run – I think circumstances might have been very different, and we would not have been where we ended up in July,” McCabe said.

That’s in apparent reference to when then-FBI Director James Comey came under heavy criticism during the campaign for his choice to make a public announcement explaining why Clinton was not being charged. He later explained he felt compelled to take the lead on the announcement because of the questions over Lynch’s credibility.

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