Looking For Videos Showing Suicide, School Shootings, & Abuse? Look At YouTube KIDS App

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For many months we have brought articles to the table that demonstrate the hypocrisy, bias, and outright censorship of various platforms connected to social media. We as consumers have been asked to trust the moderators of the various platforms to help protect our youth and children from content that young eyes should not be exposed to, but they have skewed their “assistance” to culling out conservative content while leaving other much more damaging content, such as videos of suicide, abuse, and even school shootings online where children can access it on a platform billed as Kid-Friendly.

More from Breitbart News:

A woman from Gainesville, Florida, was shocked recently when she discovered videos featuring themes of suicide, school shootings and abuse on her child’s YouTube Kids app, which claims to feature a curated selection of YouTube content appropriate for kids.

BuzzFeed News reports that Dr. Free Hess, a pediatrician from Gainesville, Florida was shocked when she discovered a massive collection of shocking and violent content on the YouTube Kids app. Hess flagged as many as a dozen videos in the app which have reportedly since been deleted, but she still worries that the child-focused app could contain other inappropriate videos.

“I found about 10 [videos] very quickly and very easily, but stopped there simply because I wanted to get the blog post out, not because there weren’t more,” Hess said. Hess kept a record of some of the content she discovered by screen recording it and sharing it on her blog, PediMom.com. One video titled  “Monster School: SLENDERMAN HORROR GAME,” features a character enacting a school shooting. This video was hosted on a channel called TellBite, which has over 167,000 subscribers.

Other videos found on the channel included depictions of suicide, with a clip from the YouTube channel Toasty Qween depicts a female character making an attempt to commit suicide with a knife before her father intervenes in the situation. The song “Don’t You Worry Child” is the music used behind the video content.

Another video is a parody of the adult-themed video game Doki Doki Literature Club, entitled “Doki! Doki! Rainclouds New End!!!” The featured character narrates a suicide while making the statement “Why won’t the world let me die?”

This is some pretty ugly material, especially when dealing with the fragile nature of young minds, so while YouTube works to get their stuff together, it’s going to be up to parents to monitor what their kids are seeing, and perhaps restricting or altogether eliminating their ability to use the platform altogether. Now there’s a novel thought! Teach and train your children in the way they should go!



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