Kamala Harris Caught in Major Lie About Reporting Illegal Aliens

Kamala Harris told an audience in Iowa that she did not support a policy which required law enforcement to notify ICE whenever a minor illegal alien was arrested. Harris claimed it was an unintentional consequence of the policy. But, that is a total lie. It was the policy. Then-Mayor Gavin Newsome put the policy in place after an illegal was freed without notifying ICE and he went on to commit three murders. So, there were no unintended consequences. This was exactly what was intended. Harris approved of the measure at the time, but she is running for president now, so lies are one of her most effective weapons.

From The Blaze

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was not being truthful when she told an Iowa audience that she did not support a San Francisco policy from 2008 under which juvenile illegal immigrants got reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement when they were arrested, CNN reported.

Newsom enacted the policy after an illegal immigrant murdered three people after having previously been arrested as a minor and convicted of attempted robbery and assault, but having never been reported to ICE. Despite Harris’s claim that she didn’t support that part of the policy, CNN’s Nathan McDermott and Andrew Kaczynski report otherwise:

Harris’ comments mischaracterized her history on the policy. Reporting arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE was not an “unintended consequence” of the policy, it was the policy.”

Harris’ claim that the policy has since been changed “because it was not the intended purpose of that policy” is also inaccurate.

While Harris was correct that the policy has since been changed, it was the result of a change in administration.

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