Jussie Smollett Pleads With ‘Empire’ Cast To Believe Him: ‘I Swear to God, I Did Not Do This’

According to a report, actor and singer Jussie Smollett doubled down and pled with the “Empire” cast and crew on Thursday night to believe him that he did not stage his own racist and homophobic attack last month.

I can imagine how awkward that had to be for the cast and crew members, because though Smollett is innocent until proven guilty, something leftists never offer when it’s the other way around, the evidence stacked up against him doesn’t look good at all.

Confession: I became a fan of Jussie Smollett from when I first started watching “Empire” each week.  He has an angelic voice, and he’s not that bad an actor.  He had such potential for a wonderful future, but his ego got the best of him, and it looks like he did something incredibly stupid.  To this moment I wish it wasn’t true, but as stated before, the evidence stacked up against him looks like he may have ruined his life.  He did it all to himself.  If the evidence is true, and if it turns out he did do what is alleged, above everything else, he was willing to go to court and testify against two innocent people Chicago PD may have arrested based on his lies and deceit.  That is unforgivable.

An emotional Smollett is said to have kept his co-workers waiting for at least a 30 minutes before he was able to begin acting in his first scheduled scene since his arrest.

According to TMZ:

We’re told he addressed everyone on set, saying …”I’m sorry I’ve put you all through this and not answered any calls. I wanted to say I’m sorry and, you know me, I would never do this to any of you, you are my family. I swear to God, I did not do this.”

After that, he left the set. We’re told it was obvious Jussie had been crying a lot, so producers said he would have to come back later. He did, and we’re told he is currently shooting the scene.

Earlier, Smollett was released on bail posted at $100,000 from a Chicago courthouse.  Cook County Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. said in court that the allegations against Smollett are “violent, despicable,” and the judge showed disgust for Smollett’s use of a noose in his allegedly staged attack.  His lawyer, of course, denied all allegations for his client.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson also expressed outrage over a black man using the symbolism of a noose to benefit himself monetarily.

Hollywood and pop culture seem to have created a victimhood industry where you can gain monetarily and boost your popularity quickly and easily.  The only thing is if you’re not very smart at scamming people you wind up in a courthouse.

SOURCE: Breitbart

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