It Begins: Empire Starts Cutting Smollett From Scenes

In what appears to be movement by the producers of Empire, Jussie Smollett is being cut from scenes, possibly in preparation for the day when they will write him out altogether if he is arrested for his hate hoaxes. He will only be working on Friday of this week and possibly Thursday, and he won’t be rehearsing with the rest of the cast at all. This is beginning to look like the beginning of the end for Smollett, and you can expect that they are getting prepared for his character to fall down an elevator shaft or to contract a very rare and fatal disease.

TMZ reported:

Production sources tell TMZ … Jussie was supposed to have 9 scenes and a big musical number in the second to the last episode — which is being shot now — but, 5 of his scenes have been cut, and his musical number has been 86’d.

As for the remaining 4 scenes … we’re told he’s no longer the focus. The scene features an ensemble, meaning he’s flanked by a number of cast members.

With his duties pared down, Jussie will be spending way less time on set. Instead of working every day this week, we’re told Jussie’s working Friday and possibly Thursday, and he won’t be rehearsing.

From The Gateway Pundit

It is also being reported that Jussie Smollett’s case may be heading to a grand jury as early as Tuesday.

The evidence presented could lead to a felony indictment against Jussie Smollett for filing a false police report.

On January 29th, Jussie Smollett told Chicago Police that two white Trump supporters ambushed him on the streets of Chicago at 2 AM while he was walking back to his apartment following a midnight run to Subway to grab a sandwich.

Smollett alleged the two white males recognized him as the actor from ‘Empire,’ hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him, poured bleach on him and put a noose around his neck.

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