Iran Sending Elite Troops to Venezuela to Aid Maduro

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The Iranian government is sending elite troops to Venezuela to help put down the populist uprising against Dictator Maduro. Russia has already sent in 400 troops. This is a gamble for both countries, should heavy fighting break out and they end up killing Venezuelans. World reaction could be swift and neither country dominates the energy to Europe anymore, thanks to the policies of President Trump. reported:

Sources from within the regime who asked not to be identified report that the Khomeiniist regime is dispatching special anti-riot units Chiefs accompanied by IRGC Commanders to Venezuela in order to offer instruction and reinforcement, in order to quash the anti-Maduro protests. This group of commanders are said to be travelling as oil consultants.

In December the Islamic regime announced that it will likely deploy a new-generation of warships, the Sahand destroyer — which can carry helicopters, fire torpedoes and shoot down airplanes —to Venezuela. The deputy commander of the Iranian navy, Rear Admiral Touraj Hassani Moqaddam, told Reuters: “Our plans for the near future include sending two or three ships, with special helicopters, to Venezuela on a South American mission that could last for five months”.

Tehran’s provocative actions are already raising serious concerns among analysts.

I don’t believe Iran will use rockets or missiles against the Venezuelan people. They are already isolated by a large portion of the world because of their involvement in funding terrorism and an all-out attack could place them in a very bad position. Russia wouldn’t be in a much better situation themselves.

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