Immigration Advocates Want American Students to Forego College to Make Room for Illegals

I guess it will be called American Privilege to go to college – and that must be stopped immediately to make room for illegal aliens. Two alleged college professors wrote an op-ed for The Hill in which they make the argument that illegal aliens are more deserving of a place in college than American citizens are. But, college admissions are supposed to be based on merit, not their illegal status. The government even makes student loans available to illegal aliens.

The op-ed‘s two authors, Nancy Cantor of Rutgers and Alan Cramb of the Illinois Institute, try to make their point by talking about an illegal who is now a lawyer in New Jersey. Well, Al Capone opened soup kitchens in Chicago to feed the homeless, but that did not make him less of a criminal.

From Breitbart News

The op-ed‘s two authors, Nancy Cantor of Rutgers and Alan Cramb of the Illinois Institute, also celebratan “inspiring” illegal who is now working as a lawyer in New Jersey:

At Rutgers-Newark, for example, students of all backgrounds look up to Marisol Conde-Hernandez … she pursued her dream to make a difference in the world practicing law by enrolling at Rutgers Law School-Newark. She is now New Jersey’s first undocumented woman to be admitted to the state’s bar. She has shared her inspiring personal journey in a documentary film series titled “American Sueño,” produced by Rutgers-Newark faculty, students, and local partners working collaboratively under the Newest Americans project (

The authors’ celebration of foreign graduates and illegals comes as American graduates suffer from very slow growth in wages, despite their growing levels of college debts and rising housing prices.

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