Illegal Alien Decapitates NC Man and Then Drives Off With His Body…Gets Sentenced to 14 Months

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Neri Damian Cruz-Carmano, an illegal alien in North Carolina, ran into Jamar Beach in his van, decapitating Jamar in the process and instead of stopping, he drove off with the body. To make matters worse is that when he came up for trial, Cruz-Carmano received just 14 months as a prison sentence. Jamar’s family was in the courtroom as the verdict was handed down, and they raised the picture of him in a sign of protest. Unfortunately for the family, their battle is not over. They now have to fight to make sure Carmano-Cruz is deported after he serves his time in prison – and that’s no slam dunk, as the Democrats have become the protectorate of the criminal illegal aliens.

From The Gateway Pundit

Jamar Beach was decapitated when he was hit by a van driven by illegal alien Neri Damian Cruz-Carmano in a hit-and-run.

Cruz-Carmano drove away with Beach’s beheaded body stuck in his van.

The family of Jamar Beach vows to push deportation after Cruz-Carmano’s 14 month sentence is up.

ABC11 reported:

The family of a Raleigh man killed in a crash in September said he wouldn’t be dead if the man who hit him had not illegally entered the country.

The man who hit Jamar Beach, 26, pleaded guilty Friday to hit-and-run causing death–it was the only criminal charge prosecutors said they could defend in court.

The judge in the case handed down the maximum sentence of 20-33 months in prison, but Beach’s family said it’s just not enough.

“He had no business here in the first place and he should not have been operating a vehicle,” Beach’s mother Cameo Robinson said. “He didn’t have a license. So therefore he’s being treated better than the citizen who’s been killed.”

Investigators said they could not gather enough information to charge Neri Damian Cruz-Carmano–who entered the country illegally from Mexico–with driving while impaired or causing the accident, even though they believe he did both.

“He gets to go home with his two children. He goes home to his wife. My grandson, he doesn’t have a father,” Robinson said.

Beach’s son is just 2 years old. Beach’s family held up pictures during the hearing and cringed when the defense attorney pleaded for leniency.

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