Ilhan Omar Bashes the United States of America [VIDEO]

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For someone who claims she loves America, Ilhan Omar sure spends a lot of time running the country down. But remember, this same person claims she likes Israel, too. Omar said that this should never be a white country because it was founded on genocide and then was built on the backs of slaves. Saying that this country was built on slavery is not really a good argument, however. True, they raised the cotton, tobacco and sugar cane, but all of the industries that manufactured and created massive wealth were the Northern factories that had indentured servants from Europe, rather than by slaves in the South.

From The Gateway Pundit

Democrat mouthpiece was back at it on Wednesday, once again attacking her adopted country and its people.

Ilhan Omar attended some rally for black women in defense of progressive women.

During her speech the Minnesota Democrat once again managed to attack her America, its founders and white people.

Democrat Ilhan Omar: This is not going to be the country of the zenophobics. This is not going to be the country of white people. This is the country that is founded on the history of native American genocide. On the backs of black slaves. But also by immigrants.

Omar is constantly running down the United States – when she isn’t busy posting anti-Semitic tropes – and then claiming she didn’t know that to call Jews “hook noses” was an insult. Then she gives a non-apology apology, and even when the Democrats work up enough courage to condemn her, they fold up like a cheap road map and give in to the House Hitler Caucus.

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