ICE Nabs 280 Suspected Illegals in Biggest Raid of Trump Presidency

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ICE agents raided an electronics repair business in Allen, Texas and they detained 280 suspected illegal aliens during a recent raid. ICE was tipped off by locals who told them that illegals were using stolen IDs to get a job with the help of the employer,  CVE Technology Group. It is the biggest workplace raid of Trump’s presidency. ICE is determining if any of the illegals are the sole caretaker of young children, and the rest will be detained awaiting deportation. Since December 21st, ICE has had to release over 25,000 illegal aliens into the US population thanks to the unwillingness of Democrats to put American’s interests above their base, the illegal aliens.

From The Daily Caller

ICE agents stormed the CVE Technology Group, an electronics repair shop, after the Department of Homeland Security received tips from locals that employees could be using phony identification to obtain jobs at the firm, allegedly with the compliance of CVE. The department cross-referenced employees with their tax forms to establish a case. 

ICE agents now plan to interrogate the detained suspects and assess  “humanitarian situations” where an individual is the solitary caregiver for a child. The rest will remain detained and, according to an ICE statement, “all illegal aliens encountered will be fingerprinted and processed for removal from the United States.”

ICE has released 100,000 illegal immigrants onto the streets since January due to strained detention facilities.

CVE employee Yessenia Ponce was at work Wednesday and witnessed the raid.

“Man, it was crazy,” she said. “We were working like a normal day. … We just heard screaming, you know, people screaming and stuff. We went out and an officer just said ‘follow my voice, follow my voice.’”

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