Creepy Clinton Tree Topper Hits Shelves for “Resistmas”

Apparently “Resist-mas” is now a thing and a disturbing tree topper in the form of Hillary Clinton (dressed as an angel) has hit the shelves.

Just when I thought Christmas could not be perversed any further by liberals….BOOM! They surprise me.

Instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus, as Christmas is intended, they have turned it into a time of chaos and disorder, a time of resistance.

Sound familiar? The Bible says that Satan is the author of confusion and chaos.

Fox News Insider reports: 

The newly-released 3D-sculpted ornament features the former first lady “in her iconic power suit with angelic wings.” The tree topper sells for $107 for a standard-size tree and more than $900 for a tree taller than 10 feet.

U.K.-based Women to Look Up To is selling the item, along with similar ones to honor Beyonce and Serena Williams.

I would shred $900 and then burn it to a crisp before I would spent one single red cent on this abomination.

She even appears to be holding her hands over her….wait a minute…Hillary has a heart?

I can just imagine how Bill Clinton must feel now…..not only does he have to be married to the monster but now he has to have a mini Hillary glaring down at him for the next month.

Critics of President Trump have started the #Resistmas movement on social media this month. The Clinton tree topper generated plenty of reaction, Carley Shimkus said on “Fox & Friends” this morning.

I wonder if there is an option where her hands are stained red to represent Benghazi? Or perhaps the millions of aborted babies that she doesn’t believe should have rights? How about the many deaths linked back to her?

The only thing I see this being any good for is target practice.

Of course people on Twitter are not ashamed to call out the wolf in sheep’s clothing (Hillary dressed as an angel) and it’s just as good as you can imagine:


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