FLASHBACK: Obama Kept a Hiring List With Muslims…Christians Omitted

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You may not remember this, but Wikileaks published an email from John Podesta that included a list of names of Muslims to be considered for White House jobs. It also had Asians on the list, but no religion is listed. However, there are billions of Muslims in Asia, so they could possibly have been Muslim too. Podesta said he left off names of people from Arab countries but are not Muslims. He cites George Mitchell as an example. Why would you make up a list of Muslims only for hiring? If I have to tell you, then you wouldn’t understand anyway.

From The Daily Caller

According to an email chain from 2008, John Podesta received lists of exclusively Muslims and Asians to be considered for jobs in the Obama administration. The email chain revealed that in this process, Middle Eastern Christians were purposefully excluded, or set aside in a separate list, with an aide writing,

In the candidates for top jobs, I excluded those with some Arab American background but who are not Muslim (e.g., George Mitchell). Many Lebanese Americans, for example, are Christian. In the last list (of outside boards/commissions), most who are listed appear to be Muslim American, except that a handful (where noted) may be Arab American but of uncertain religion (esp. Christian).

Also notable, there was concern that some of the Muslims suggested would not survive media scrutiny, with one aide writing, “High-profile Muslim Americans tend to be the subject of a fair amount of blogger criticism, and so the individuals on this list would need to be ESPECIALLY carefully vetted.”

She continues, “I suspect some of the people I list would not survive such a vet — but I do personally know, at least in part, virtually all of the candidates in the 1st two categories (but I know very few of those listed for outside boards/commissions).”

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