Democrats Have Two Sets of Rules…One for Muslims, and One for Everyone Else

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The Democrats have always been hypocrites, but the gap between what is expected of Muslims and what is expected of the rest of the world is all-encompassing. For instance, you can get creamed for calling a transgender by something other than their preferred pronoun, but Muslims can stone gays to death or throw them off from buildings and not a peep will be heard from Pelosi, Schumer, Omar, Tlaib or AOC. In the United States, you dare not say anything to a woman that can be misconstrued, but it’s okay if Muslims beat their wives or have female genital mutilation done without repercussions.

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The move to make gay sex an offence punishable by stoning to death has sparked international condemnation and outcry

Incidences of rape have jumped off the charts in western Europe. Europeans who even vaguely criticize Islam can be locked up for ‘hate speech.’ Look at what Great Britain’s ‘authorities’ did to Tommy Robinson when he revealed the existence of Pakistani rape gangs.

In America the Democrats welcome diversity in its entire wondrous splendor. They want open borders and a big government willing to help anyone who is suffering in the world. This includes embracing Muslims. Any criticism of that religion leads to cries of ‘racism,’ even though Islam is not a race. Unlike Europe, Americans still have some semblance of free speech, but if Silicon Valley moguls have their way, that part of our First Amendment will be going away. We have freedom of religion and the freedom of speech to criticize any religion. However, those criticizing Islam on social media are often quickly banned.

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