Democrat-Led House Passes Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

A few days ago we reported that HOUSE DEMOCRATS HAVE A PLAN TO VOTE ON CRIMINALIZING PRIVATE GUN SALES. The bill, with the number designation of H.R. 8, passed the House by a wide margin of 240 in favor, and 190 in opposition. A handful of Republicans (eight, to be precise) joined Democrats in favor of the bill, and one of them, Rep. Peter King, was one of the co-sponsors.

The bills Democrats are pushing have a couple of different objectives. This one, dubbed the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019,  makes it a criminal offense to sell a gun you own to a friend or a neighbor because it mandates a background check for every sale.

You can listen here to Congressman Jim Jordan explain some of the bill’s details.

In the article I linked earlier we learned that the second bill, H.R. 1112, is a sneaky end run around the Constitution by the way it extends the waiting period currently employed. One part of the language used in getting a gun sale approved uses the term “business days,” and in another, uses the term “calendar days.” By intertwining the rules around these two terms, they are effectively creating an endless loop of delay that will make it impossible for a gun sale transaction to be completed because time runs out, and the approval process has to be restarted, only to be stymied by the time limitations.

On a positive note, these bills are not expected to make it past the Senate. The Senate still holds a majority of Republicans (I didn’t say Conservatives on purpose because I know there are still some RINOs left), but even if it were to pass both chambers, it would never make it past President Trump’s veto.

The gun-control Mafia refuses to accept the fact that taking away the right to own a firearm does nothing to improve crime statistics. Suppose we compare it to car ownership. To draw the parallel to guns, we could say that since so many people are getting DUIs and killing people while driving drunk, we’re going to take away all the cars from sober, law-abiding drivers so that we’ll all be safer. It makes ZERO sense to take away the right to own a gun from a law-abiding citizen, no more than it makes sense to take away a car as I illustrated.



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