Candace Owens Says CNN Used LeBron James and He Was Too Ignorant to See Through It!

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Candace Owens yesterday and I have to say, you can not finish having a conversation with her and leave the same person. Her passion mixed with her intellect, sharing facts on top of facts makes it impossible to walk away and not be challenged to want to help others wake up to the truth. Which is why she is such a threat to the liberal agenda. They don’t like facts, they want all of us to make hasty decisions based on emotions and they’ll use as much baseless rhetoric as they can to try to do it.

After discussing the strides that all Americans, especially Black Americans have made under this current administration, I thought of LeBron James and his recent interview with CNN’s Don Lemon and I wished LeBron was able to hear these facts.

Candace:  Look at the numbers. The results are in you don’t have to guess anymore. Eighteen months into this administration and black unemployment has reached an all time low. What are you upset about? Look at all the jobs. We’re allowed to have ideas. We’re allowed to pursue our dreams again, get on board the Trump train!

David:        Yes. I wish LeBron would hear that because it’s like for him to stand up there, for him to take the interview, he’s on Don Lemon show. He’s on CNN. He’s on the the most crooked news network. It’s always getting called out for fake news for, for him out of everything he said, for him to say, no matter what you achieve in this country, no matter how successful you are, there’s still going to be somebody that says you’re still just the “N” word.

Candace :  “Yeah, he’s right. The Democrats. They treated him like that on the CNN network. The word nigger. Okay. Let’s talk about what it actually derives from, it means ignorant man. Ignorance. He acted as an ignorant, man. He wasn’t aware that when he walked in, they were going to trap him. They didn’t give a shit. Okay. They didn’t, and you can quote me on this. They did not give a shit about him opening the school. All they cared about was using him because they knew he was ignorant about all the policies, they knew he was ignorant about what Trump is doing for black Americans. They used him. Okay. To say something ill about the president. Everything else in the interview was just chummy stuff to get to the point of what they wanted. They wanted the clip about the president. They wanted to make sure, as they see this awakening happening in Black America. They wanted to make sure that there was somebody that black Americans looked up to because they love to use Hollywood and people that we look to as our idols. They wanted to use him to again try to enslave black minds. They used Lebron James that day and he was too ignorant to understand it.

David: Wow… you’re exactly right.

Candace: It’s a victim mentality. That’s what they want. Keep telling blacks they can’t do it, keep telling black they need us. Keep telling blacks that no matter what, they need government handouts because they’re always gonna be behind. He fell right into the left’s democratic racist booby trap because he was not smart enough to see through. They wouldn’t have caught me like that. I would have said, why are we talking about Donald Trump? We’re talking about the school that I’m opening…

David:     Yeah. He fell right into it and I couldn’t help but think about all the young black men and women that just heard him say that and say so basically, no matter what I do and how successful I become, I’m still just going to be a nigger…

Candace:   They might as well go run on the streets, they might as well go run the streets. LeBron James told Black America that they are worthless, which is exactly the messaging the Democrats wanted to deliver. It’s a shame and he couldn’t see through it.

Let’s all share this, and hope that LeBron sees it, and decides to at least open a dialogue with Candace… or even Kanye!

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