Bone-Chilling Image Of Downtown Los Angeles Posted By Terrorist Group

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Terrorism threats are an ongoing concern in many places around the world. Up until 9/11/2001, we in the United States seemed to be relatively unscathed, but with the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, the whole issue was now a front-burner news item and continues to be an issue of very high importance with the discovery of known terrorists infiltrating the country over the southern border.

This from Fox News:

A short video report is here:


Los Angeles police are looking into a chilling photo posted to the internet on Friday by an ISIS-supporting group showing a photoshopped explosion to a high-rise in downtown Los Angeles.

The disturbing, photoshopped image has been circulating on dozens of websites and media publications and shows a person in uniform with their face hidden and holding what appears to be the ISIS flag posing in front of the downtown skyline at night with a blast at the top of the Aon Center.

LAPD tweeted that at this time they have not been able to find a credible threat to the city’s buildings in connection with a social media post. However, law enforcement officials continue to work with federal agencies to “coordinate any information that will lead to the source of the post.”

FOX 11 reached out to Aon, who provided the following statement:

“Aon’s building security has confirmed with the Department of Homeland Security that this is a non-credible threat.”

Authorities urge residents and visitors to be on alert for anything suspicious and “if you see something, say something.” Report any suspicious activity on  or 1-877-284-7328.

Source: Fox News

I know there are those in Congress who would have us believe that the whole border security issue is a “manufactured threat.” I think we have seen enough evidence to the contrary to put that train of thought to bed.

My thought is that this little stunt is another one of those trial balloons being floated by ISIS to see how we’ll respond. Another possibility is that those behind this want to get us conditioned to believe that it’s just another hoax so that we won’t pursue things so vigorously, and then once we’ve fallen asleep, BOOM! Like Muhammed Ali with the rope-a-dope – draw us in, and then POW! RIGHT IN THE KISSER!



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