Baby Benson was born at 22 weeks…


  1. Who are you?

    When people ask ‘Who are you?’
    You must be ready, for what to do!
    With all honesty you can reply,
    God’s child – this cannot be denied!
    He created each child, for a special occasion,
    To prepare each other, for His ultimate invasion!
    When He will take us home, to His heavenly palace,
    Where we will drink with Him, from his Holy Chalice!
    Promises beyond our realm of scope,
    Revealed to us – to give us hope!
    Nothing grander, from His words of honor,
    Leaving so much, for us to ponder!
    So, next time you wonder, ‘Who am I?’
    Open the Book, of the One most Wise!
    He knew you before you were in your Mother’s womb,
    In heaven- He prepares you a special room!
    You are most definitely God-seed innate!
    And- all must know He makes no mistakes!
    He knows the number of your days, of your hairs the sum,
    He just wants you assured, and to His love- to come!


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