AMAZING: CNN Gushes That President Trump Has the Highest Approval Rating on the Economy Ever

If you can believe it, CNN had something good to say about President Trump. It seems that in the history of polling on economic approval ratings, President Trump has achieved a 56% approval. And why not? The country has added 9.1 trillion in market value, wages are up, the GDP is growing at a 3% rate, and the unemployment rate is extremely low, with Blacks and Hispanics enjoying the best unemployment rates ever.

People’s 401k s are way up, and inflation continues to be a non-factor. CNN’s political director David Chalian gushed, “This is the highest number we’ve ever seen in CNN polling. … That 56 percent, if you stack it up historically, it’s the high-water mark in the entirety of the Trump presidency in CNN polling.”

From The Gateway Pundit

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“As you know — James Carville made famous — ‘it’s the economy, stupid.’ We know the sensibility about the economy heading into an election matters a ton,” Chalian said.

The numbers were high, even though the methodology said that of the 1,007 people surveyed, “33% described themselves as Democrats, 26% described themselves as Republicans, and 41% described themselves as independents or members of another party.”

Meanwhile, as CNN hit new lows in its ratings, another poll released on Wednesday showed Trump’s overall approval rating has hit the highest level in two years, at 43 percent. That rating is the highest since an April 2017 CNN poll, which came about 100 days mark of his presidency.

On Monday, Trump wrote on Twitter that yet another poll had good news as well. “Gallup Poll: 56% of Americans rate their financial situation as excellent or good. This is the highest number since 2002, and up 10 points since 2016.

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