A Modern Day Miracle! [Videos]

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A 26-year-old first-time mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Casey. But within weeks, her health began to drastically decline. It looked like tragedy was at their door, and then a miracle happened!


Below is the narrative of her telling her story:

Jan. 28, 3:31 PM.

26-year-old Holly was pregnant with her first child and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Casey.
But just three weeks later, after what started with a tingle in her finger she found herself in the ICU, paralyzed from the neck down.

Shortly after she was diagnosed with GBS Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease that can be fatal. She could not breathe on her own and was put on life support.

She lost the ability to speak and had to mouth words to be understood. “I am in so much pain.”
Casey was by her mother’s side every day and despite her excruciating pain, Holly fought hard to spend time with her.

It was a very dark time full of pain, tears, anxiety, and depression.

But slowly, she started to regain strength and her long journey back began, and after 10 weeks she was moved out of the ICU, breathing on her own. Anxious to get back to her daughter, she worked hard on her arm muscles until she was strong enough to hold and feed her for the first time.

“And when I started to see that there was hope of me recovering, it ignited a flame in me pushing myself to get back to my baby.”

She grew stronger every day, thanks to her fighting spirit and was soon able to take her first stumbling steps.

After 126 days in the hospital, she went from paralyzed to being able to walk again. Holly could finally return home to her baby. “We have the choice to either let our pain break us, or let it make us stronger.” She fought her way back to life and continues to share her story to raise awareness and help people with GBS.

Share to honor the powerful bond between mother and child!

Source: Jesus Will Come page and also HollyAfterGBS

Holly fought her way back to her baby. Something like this can either break you or help to make you stronger. God never said we wouldn’t go through tough times – only that he would be there with us through it. Never give up hope.



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