What has happened to the great state of Texas? Since when is it a bad thing for people to be pro second amendment, and conservative on any stance, for that matter? This student is alleging all kinds of atrocities against him, and the school is hiding under their desks when asked for comment. You’re not gonna believe this one.

The College Fix outlines this bizarre timeline of events.

Quade Lancaster told The College Fix that ever since he accused Lone Star College-Tomball of violating its own procedures to remove him as student body president, he has been shadowed by campus police, his car has been keyed and he was followed by an unknown driver.

The Texas community college’s behavior has also been petty, the 24-year-old claims: It rescinded an academic award without telling him, publicly embarrassing him in front of his family at the award ceremony.

And they have attacked other conservative organizations on campus.

The viewpoint discrimination allegations against the community college system follow its $13,250 settlement with the Young Conservatives of Texas last month for improperly derecognizing the club at its CyFair campus.

… Lancaster said his colleagues asked him for his views in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that killed 17 people.

He responded by advocating for Second Amendment rights, leading a critical colleague to escalate the conversation. It got so heated that Lancaster decided to leave the room, he told The Fix.

The next day the longtime program manager for the Office of Student Life, Shannon Marino (left), asked to talk to Lancaster about his pro-gun comments. In the talk, Lancaster claims Marino told him he was being demoted from president to vice president because “my views did not conform to Lone Star’s views. … I was told as the student president I was not allowed to have an opinion or express my viewpoints.”

He claims Lone Star removed him from office without due process, specifically by not following the procedures laid out in Article VI of its Student Government Association By-Laws.

He was also denied an academic honor.

Lancaster said that an English professor, Maria Del Carmen Marin Ocana, nominated him for an academic excellence award last fall.

According to an invitation that Lancaster shared with Campus Reform, he was set to receive the award at an April 26 ceremony, which took place after he was demoted from his student president position.

“A member of the faculty or staff has chosen you to receive an award for Excellence in Academics and/or Leadership!” the invitation reads. “Award recipients are encouraged to bring family and friends to the awards ceremony.” It concludes by telling recipients to “Dress in Sunday Best!” The invitation directs them to contact Marino for “more information.”

Lancaster told The Fix he went to the award ceremony, but his name was no longer under the student nomination list. He later found out the school revoked his award, claiming that he was not supposed to receive an award and it was a “signage error,” according to Lancaster.

“I went to the ceremony thinking I was going to receive the award,” Lancaster said. “I was completely embarrassed. My entire family was there.”

He claims this was retaliation for the negative attention the school received after the media covered his situation. Prof. Ocana did not respond to emails from The Fix last week.

As Lancaster brought media attention to Lone Star for its reaction to his gun argument, things got even worse for him.

Not only did someone key his vehicle (below), but Lancaster alleged that campus police officers shadowed him and his friends while they were on campus in order to pressure and intimidate them.

And it goes on and on. You know, the left is all about quashing bullying, except when they are doing the bullying.


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