As a homeschooling mother, I can tell you from first hand experience, that no one in government from public education, to DFS, to family courts has the least amount of tolerance for homeschooling. And the reason is because all of those government entities want to control you. They want to control how you live your lives and how you raise your children. And because I lived through it, I can tell you those are truths that most people probably don’t understand, because they are living with the normalcy bias programmed into them by those government schools.

Please read the entire sad story of another homeschool family, here in Breitbart. The local agencies in Connecticut are using one case, (in which they dropped the ball) to try to impose mega regulations on all homeschool families. And while this case is just the latest, it’s pretty typical of how things happen across the country.

Child Advocate Sarah Eagan is looking to regulate homeschooling in the state in the wake of the failure of a school system and the state child protection agency to prevent a young autistic teen’s death via his mother’s negligence and abuse.

… Eagan launched her campaign following the tragic case of Matthew Tirado, a 17-year-old autistic child who was starved to death by his mother. Katiria Tirado was ultimately sentenced to 11 years in prison.

This is where it’s important to pay attention to the details, because for forever, the government had a chance to save the teen and dropped the ball several times over. So, explain, please, why do we need to pick on homeschooling?

This is why, according to the government.

Eagan said during a hearing in April that her office conducted an investigation and found that in six school districts, 380 children were withdrawn to be homeschooled over a three-year period, and that 138 of them lived in families that had at least one prior DCF referral for abuse or neglect.

“The lack of regulation in Connecticut for homeschooling leaves an unclear framework for parents, districts, and, where there are concerns of abuse or neglect, for DCF to follow,” Eagan concluded.

So, Eagan is running around Connecticut doing radio interviews trying to promote her regulation movement, but here’s what her opposition is saying:

“The entire Tirado case is rife with negligence – if not gross negligence – on the part of everybody that should have been advocating for his benefit,” the state senator said, continuing:

DCF failed him, the school system failed him, the court failed him, and his own attorney failed him. It’s appalling to think that DCF – after Mrs. Tirado resisted court orders apparently five times – just basically dropped the case. Given all the facts and circumstances involved here, all the alarms and whistles should have been going off, but, instead, they fell asleep and let it go – which is shocking.

Suzio said it is hard to understand why the Child Advocate is turning her attention to the homeschooling community “when there really was no homeschooling being done here at all.”

Folks, the government isn’t going to stop, until they have completely squashed your parental rights to educate your kids as you choose. Why? Because if you’re teaching them, then the government can’t brainwash them.


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