Forgive me for posting, yet another video, on Roseanne, but at this juncture she represents, I think, what people are thinking and saying about the current state of events in America. And I love it that she sets, liberal, Katie Couric straight on just how the culture is rebelling against elites, of which she is one. No one does it like Roseanne.

She lays it out. She was a very hard working woman before she rose to fame. She did the hard, dirty jobs to make a buck, just like a lot of Americans.

Independent Journal Review starts us off.

“I worked really hard all my life,” she added.

Barr described how she lived out of her car and slept in a cave during those tough times. “I lived in a car. I slept in a cave,” she said, noting that she couldn’t afford rent.

When Couric asked about how the working class doesn’t receive respect in America, Barr lamented how some, presumably elites, kicked them when they were down.

… During her interview, she echoed the Trump administration in lamenting the plight of the “forgotten man.” When Couric suggested Trump went “above and beyond” in making “offensive” comments, Barr said that was how other people talked.

“That’s the way real people talk,” she said. “When you’re with people —and you’re talking about politics — that’s how you are.”

“We’re blind to class in America. We’re not supposed to notice. It’s supposed to not exist because we’re all about equality,” she added, “but this is a very class-based culture.”

She said that when “elitist” and “arrogant” people look down on the working class, it “pisses people off.” “The assumption that your less or that your ignorant or you’re a bigot, that you’re just you know, stupid,” she said of the way some view the working class.

This video from The Hollywood Reporter.

And this is a really great one. Roseanne totally pushes back against all the liberal media spin that has been pushed for decades.

I love Roseanne. This is a great interview, and a narrative that needs to be shared because we will never counteract the liberal politically correct culture unless we put our own narrative out there too.


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