I’ll never understand it, in a million years. Why America is leaning toward living in a fog of pot smoke, is beyond me. And while I know, and you know, it’s really all about money, you have to consider the other dangers that come along with it. Cartels are not one dimensional. They and legalized pot bring a multitude of issues, and it all may be starting off in California.

Time Magazine outlines the perils of legalized pot and the cartel’s contribution to that.

For more than a decade, the Mexican drug cartels have been illegally growing weed in the forests of the United States, and federal agencies have had mixed success destroying these illicit crops. Today, California is the epicenter of black-market marijuana in the U.S., with over 90 percent of the country’s illegal marijuana farms. The authorities say they’re finding cartel-affiliated weed on government-owned lands in states including Oregon, Utah, Washington, Nevada and Arizona, all of which permit some form of medical marijuana. The problem has gotten so bad that in 2016, Colorado began partnering with the Mexican Consulate to bust the narcos.

Today, activists in California counties such as Calaveras are pushing back, trying to ban cannabis farms to cut off the cartels. They say drug traffickers are importing automatic weapons and using illegal, highly toxic pesticides that are eviscerating forest animals and poisoning freshwater sources. “We’re going down the toilet bowl,” says Calaveras County Sheriff Rick DiBasilio, “and it’s not going to get any better.”

While many involved in the pot industry are saying that the new wave of legalized pot isn’t all that bad and are worried an uprising economy could be crushed if it were reversed, others are telling tales poisoning, and pollution and an over population of illegal pot farms. Because of course, it’s all about the money, and it’s not like law enforcement hasn’t been burning illegal farms, for years. Lots of problems. It can’t be worth it, can it?


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