Social media of all types have been accused, investigated, and grilled by congress of overstepping their boundaries regarding your privacy. Google may just be the latest internet platform that is on the hot seat. Everyone knows they are a powerful internet tool, and everyone knows they have vast ability to monitor your every move. Well, now some senators are digging into just how far they’ve gone.

PJ Media reported.

A source in D.C. tells me that the two Democrats are not the only ones concerned, nor is that concern limited strictly to the interaction between the consumer and seller. Republican Sen. Moran of Kansas and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley are likewise skeptical of Google’s response and have a dark take on the possibilities.

Republicans tuning in on the topic quickly highlight that tracking of one’s location continues from a variety of apps, even when Google’s map-related apps are closed or turned off. Meaning if you visit a psychiatrist, or go to church, or, heaven forbid, walk into a gun store, Google is tracking and keeping that data. And the concern is not merely that consumer apps and advertisers can use the information, but that it is a short walk to handing it over to the government.

The answer to why this is such is a concern is that the mere existence of a database that stores as a record the places you’ve visited is dangerous, or at least risky, whether you’re asking two Democrat senators, privacy-minded libertarians, or government-wary conservatives about it.

Just how much information does the government need to know about you? Or even social media platforms, for that matter? And why hasn’t there been more aggressive action to stop it? Is all this just hyperbole, or is anyone really interested in stopping it?


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